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Protective Styler Set
93% Less Shedding
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dayton, OH
So first let me start out saying I've heard mixed reviews about transitioning kits. I've only been transitioning for just two month from relaxed to natural, so right now I have thick roots with straight ends. Pelple told me not to buy this expensive kit. I have to admit its a tad pricey, but its truly AWESOME. I have extremely THICK HAIR, the kind that needs yhe creamy crack (relaxer) faithly every month and a half. First time I was impressed, didn't too much care for the dmel. I love love yhe scalp spray, its my new bff. Nothing prior worked ....I could wash deep condition and oil my scalp and no more then 20 minutes I would div. Well those days arelong gone. The cconditioner things a little and leaves hair clean and soft. Proor to CD after washing my hair it would be hard and I needed to deep condition. After my second use I can actually get a comb through my wet hair and NO TEARS!!!! I highly recommend it.
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Transition to natural hair kit
The carol's daughter transition kits did wonders to my hair.my hair shiny,soft and healthy looking.thank you for putting an kits for transitioning hair
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Wow for the price I thought there would be more
I just received my package of the 1-2-3 Transition and I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed with the size. This a very expensive product for a very small amount product. I am still excited to try it out, but I hope that I don't have to actually use a large amount to get the job done. I will come back and review once I've tried the product, but right now I'm doubtful that I will order again. :(
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great product
After wearing a protective style for about two month I order this kit. I was excited to use it. I had microbraids and if you have had them you know how your hair be when you take them down well I didn't have to struggle anymore with knots after you take take down or my hair didnt get matted together. It moisture your scalp and leave it feeling good. Well be ordering the hair milk and chocolate. Line.
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Raven Daniels
Suffolk, VA
Prayers answered!!
I have recently started transitioning and could find any products that would help my super dry coarse roots but this did. After using the transition 1-2-3 my hair has never been this soft and manageable. The mimosa hair honey is a must have, I use it like a grease because I currently have braids, plus it smells awesome. The hair honey is such a great buy my father started using it and wants to start buying cd products. The shine spray is ok nothing to really write home about, but I will say it supplies shine and is very lite weight like the lusters pink glosser but the macadamia shine sray smells better and is lighter. All in all, this value set was money well spent because I got three amazing products for 60 bucks. Yes, I do believe some cd products can be expensive but I prefer quality products that work and are long lasting. So if you have 4c thick coarse hair like me, I think this set I a must. So I recommend that you give it a try if your confused on products to use or my work best.
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Yolanda Adams
Milwaukee, WI
Great product
I tried the transition kit and I noticed how soft my hair was and it just felt so clean. The pomade is great for my scalp my scalp is very dry and it keep my scalp moisturizer. I am currently transitioning with braids as a protective style and my husband loves the smell. It's not overbearing at all. I was skeptical at first about buying after reading the reviews and family saying how great the products are I gave it a try and is very pleased.
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