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Angel Cake Body Cleansing Cream

Item #: 22012      8.0 fl oz
Price: $17.00
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Detroit, MI
This is one of my favorite scents.
I love this delicate scent it's like my Vanilla Truffle I love it.
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Raleigh, NC
I got the Angel Cake Body Cleansing Cream as a bonus when I purchased the Orange Ambrosia and Almond Cookie roller balls (which I LOVE). Angel Cake was a very pleasant surprise -- and I'm truly hoping more of the collection comes out (i.e., lotion and roller ball!). The subtle and gentle scents of CD products make it easy for me to wear most of them...my allergies are causing me to let go of the more heavy (and expensive) alcohol-based designer fragrances.
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Angel Cake Not my favorite
I love CD products I have been purchasing for a while now I returned the Angel Cake it is the only one I do not like, missed it on the fragrance for me. My favorite is Cool Mint, Vanilla Petals, Sugared Violets and the list goes on and on along with the hair care products. Still loving CD products ?
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New York, NY
My new fav
I have been a long time fan of CD but I jut got this collection on HSN and it is my new fav for sure. it is light and sweet and very pleasant. My new love!
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Decided to send back...
I LOVE Carol's Daughter products! When I purchase something, it is really a splurge for me as a working class woman. : ) However, I decided to return this cleansing crème and lotion even though it was a good value for C.D. The scent is not about angel food cake, as others have noted, and while it does have a lightness to it, I agree with the other critique that the rose scent "confuses" the otherwise light-sweet aroma. To me, it is a "dated" scent... But again -- I LOVE Lisa's products because they are so rich, good for my skin, and generally make me feel good each and every time I use them. I particularly LOVE ocean, the coconut line, almond cookie, and my new favorite -- cool mint!
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