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FEATURES Aug 20 2013 8:37PM

Pre-workout Hair Tips That Work!

by Merary Soto, www.maneconcern.com

All women who workout on a consistent basis 3 or more times a week, regardless of texture and race, struggle with the question: what to do with my hair??

Curly:   I can’t wash daily, I don’t want to mess my style, and it takes too long.

Transitioning Hair:  All of the above plus added risk of breakage due to having multiple textures.

The hard truth is and my mantra is:  HAIR TEMPORARY, BODY PERMANENT RESULTS.  I have to repeat this mantra to myself ALL the time!!

But in the meantime in between time, I can’t afford to look messy--literally can’t afford it.  Image matters, and if it didn’t, well, I wouldn’t be writing this and you wouldn’t be reading it.
Here are some minor solutions to help extend your style and prep to look good post workout.  Warning, if you are wearing lipstick to the gym, this post is not for you.  The goal here is to look good after you work out not during.

My solution:  minor adjustments.
Dry Poo - It comes in spray or powder form and designed to be used infrequently (no more than 2 times a week).  I call Dry Poo midweek deodorant pre work out.   Before working out I use just as instructed.   Lots of brands have natural dry poo made of oats and other cleansing properties.  It can be used whether you are trying to save curls or straight hair.    If you have dark color hair like myself, the product will be visible but once you are sweating most of it will disappear, remember less is more, no need to add more than instructed on bottle, the key is to do this pre work out, and then style your hair in a protective style.

Workout Protective Styles that work:
Top Bun:  If you have medium length to long hair.  Dry poo, comb your hair all the way to the top, and put in bun. Not only is it trendy, it keeps your hair looking good post workout.  NEVER wrap your hair before working out, unless you want your hair to smell and look like a dirty sponge.  :-\

Cornrow or twist or bantu knots:  Pre workout; use a small amount of leaving, less than normally, cornrow or corntwist your hair, exposing your scalp.   As soon as you are done working out, towel dry or blow-dry.  Once completely dried, then unwrap the style and apply a light serum.  
If you have to do a little bit of heat touch up post work out… DRY all the sweat out of your hair.  Sweat + Flatiron= #deadhair

Working Out and Edges:
Head Bands = edge savers
Depending on your hair, shape head and etc.… use the one that doesn’t cut circulation and stays in place.   Do not use one with metals or anything that will tug or cling to your hair. Ouch.
I lose headbands easier than umbrellas, so there is no need to get an expensive one, trust me I have tried them all.  (I bought one for $22 and it flew away in Chicago while I was running).   As long as the material is soft, stays put and doesn’t tug your hair, any headband will do.

When to wash:
When you commit to high intensity and cardio workouts that amount to more than 4 hours a week, you really should be washing at minimum 2 times a week.  To avoid stripping your hair, use a co-wash.  It’s important to wash the sweat and dirt off to avoid scalp build up and prevent breakage.   If you workout in the morning, it is easier to wash the night before.   This will cut the gym styling time in half.   Wash the night before, cornrow at night and in the morning put on your headband and go.


  1. Wrap hair pre-work out.
  2. Pull hair in a wet bun post work out or wash.
  3. Do more than 3 hours of cardio without washing.
  4. Undo your Workout Protective style while your hair is wet.
  5. Be embarrassed about not looking great while working out.
  6. Use the free conditioner at the gym as a leave in conditioner.
  7. Forget that hairstyles last a few days but working out can improve your shape, heart health, skin and the list goes on.

In fitness and beauty,

Merary Soto is the creator and voice of Mane Concern: www.maneconcern.com, a website dedicated to hair and nutrition for women of all textures.


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