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Ecstasy Frappé Body Lotion
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8.0 fl oz

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Liliane Kamugunga
Ajax, ON
I saw a hsn video on YouTube about the ecstasy and almond cookie roller eau de toilette tubes. I don't know when it was, but if you brought it back I would be so happy! And definitely would buy some, at least as a special this upcoming Christmas . Either give them away after spending a certain amount or just sell them. Please, I am begging! I love the almond cookie collection sooooo much that i want an eau de toilette to smell like it all day. Hope you consider bringing them back thanks!
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Tiara G.
Chesterfield, VA
I got this from Sephora as a gift for someone, but I kinda wanted to keep it for myself. It is one of the best lotions I have smelled!! The intensity, sweetness, and just plain wonderfulness of this product is the perfect balance of a lotion. Definitely getting a couple for me. I would recommend this to Everybody!!! I hope they don't ever stop selling this!
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Philadelphia, PA
In Ecstasy
I tried some of this lotion on at Macy's and fell in love. The smell is great and I saw the difference in my hands as soon as the last drop was absorbed. Came home and washed my hands and you can't tell that I did. Buying a full bottle ASAP
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