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Philadelphia, PA
This Black Vanilla hair set is the bomb! I used it today for the first time and wasn't sure if I should use the smoothie or conditioner after shampooing so I went with the smoothie and then the conditioner and followed up with the heat protection spray and although I did the steps out of order my hair is absolutely gorgeous. My daughter said it looks like I went to the salon. My hair has a beautiful shine, smells and feels good and it curled with ease. It's soft to the touch and full of body and hold. This is all new to me so I'm excited and happy to have found Lisa's products and gave them a try to find out what the hype was about. I started with the Almond Cookie & Ecstasy body products and it was a wrap. I have purchased quite a bit in a months time and have enjoyed everything so far. I'm also giving a few sets away for Christmas gifts. Thanks again Lisa for all of my wonderful CD products. I'm guess I'm a CD junkie now too. LOL!!!
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Maple Heights, OH
Love this product!
I used the child care line for approximately 7 mos and thought it was amazing on my toddlers (almost 2 year old) daughter. My daughter has very soft hair and it is very curly but not kinky curly. The shampoo and conditioner lasted almost 8 mos until it was time to get a new set. I went back online and to my surprise the kids line was discontinued. So I went to the Carols Daughter Kiosk at my local mall to get some assistance in what to purchase for a childs hair. The salesperson recommended the Black Vanilla set. I washed her hair with the shampoo and used the smoothie for conditioner. I noticed the difference instantly. Her curls became more defined, shiny and manageable. For the first time, her hair dried before I was able to style it but the comb still went right through. I used the healthy hair butter instead of grease or pudding and the shine is amazing! I am a believer in Carol's Daughter products. They are amazing and wonderfully priced.
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South Euclid, OH
A Must Have!
After doing the BC I have become a product junkie. So i have tried everything under the sun. I couldn't find a product that would add moisture and shine. So I decided to try CD and I can honestly say I love this product. The fragrance is wonderful and not overwhelming. I have 3b/4b type hair it can be very dry at times. After using this product my hair felt so soft and manageable. I would also recommend Healthy Hair Butter and Mimosa Hair Honey. The results are amazing.
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