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Tui Shampoo & Hair Smoothie Set
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dayton, OH
Love at first wash!!!!
I got this with the 2/20 deal. Omg its smells wonderful. I must say I was skeptical to use, generaly shampoos without sulfate and stuff leaves hard hair. Not this. Hair was extremely soft without the smoothie. After using the smoothie hair smelled realy god and extremely manageable. I even co-washed wuth the smoothie and used as deep conditioner overnight with shower cap, hair was super soft. Oh yeah I forgot to mention I've just started transitioning for only 2 months, but this set truly works.
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Paducah, KY
Tui products
After using the tui shampoo and smoothie, my hair felt very dry. My natural hair became extremely frizzy when it dried. The product smells excellent but I got bad results every time I used it.
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Enterprise, AL
Excellent Product!
I had to write a comment about this product. I just love this line of hair products. When I wash my hair with Tui shampoo, it leaves my hair so silky and soft, even without a perm, and with a perm, it's even better. The scent is so pleasent, and the condtioner is the same way. It smells great and it leaves my hair soft and manageable. I will always use Carol Daughter products!
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Marian A R
Odenton, MD
Where were these products 20 + years ago? I have relaxed hair, but I probably would have never relaxed it if products like Carol's Daughter was available back in the day. I'm getting up there in age and thinning has become a concern, so I was looking at REALLY extending my perm or going natural again. In reading up on sulfates drying hair, mineral oil and petrolatum blocking hair follicles. I thought I'd give it a try. I'm 8 weeks since my last perm, so there's natural and mostly relaxed hair on my head. My hair may be a 3c/4a (I'm new to this) The smell of the products is very fruity and nice. Really for me, that's a so what, until I was smelling sweet hair the next day. That's nice. The shampoo cleansed my hair without stripping it. The conditioner was nice; rinsed well, both smell great. My hair was noticeably a little softer to the touch after rinsing and air drying a pinch. The new growth was noticeably softer. I did add a leave in conditioner by another manufacturer, but I ALWAYS do that. Used a little MIMOSA HAIR HONEY on the ends; that was GREAT, but that's another review. No itchy scalp due to harsh detergents. Nice. I think this can be a nice maintenance product for relaxed or natural hair. I look forward to exploring other Carol's Daughter products.
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San Antonio, TX
Curls are gorgeous and very soft!
I have natural hair and decided to give this duo a try. I am amazed at how soft and manageable my curls are. Even after it dries, the curls seem to "pop". I can literally run my fingers through my hair. It defines my curls without making them dry and stiff. LOVE!
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Mrs. Arlene Seuell
sacramento, CA
Love this!
Was using salon products that not only dried my hair but my wallet too! Saw Carol's Daughter on HSN and decided to give it a try. I recently went back to the natural style for my hair. After the first application my hair was softer and more manageable! I also ordered the Black Vanilla Comb out spray and now my hair stronger and healthier in it's appearance! Will recommend and con't to purchase these wonderful products! Thank you for making products that make nurturing natural black hair easier!!!
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Janae Keyes
Feels Amazing!
I have psoriasis all over my body including my scalp and most products do not agree with my skin so I decided to try CD because of the all natural qualities. I am living in Europe and luckily CD will ship to my APO box and so I decided to give the Tui Set a try. My hair is very think and has always be coarse and after washing it would tightly curl up into a nap ball. After my first use of the Tui Set I felt the difference immediately and that was about 3 months ago. I have been using the set regularly and now my hair no longer tightly curls when it drys, but I have soft curls that I can actually run my fingers through. After a few days I can even brush my hair out and it is actually straight without flat ironing my hair. At my job I have to wear a hat and man some days I want to be able to show off my soft hair. The only thing is my hair dresser informed me that I should lay off using the products as often as I do because my hair is being weighed down and doesn't have the body that it can have. I just ordered the Black Vanilla to see if there is any difference.
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Ansatu Coneh
Stone Mountain, GA
Wonderful Products
I just had to share my thoughts on these products. This is my first order of the Tui collection. I must say, happy! The Tui shampoo has a nice scent, reminded me of warm apple cider w/spice. Once I rinsed out the shampoo my hair felt smooth to the touch. My hair is naturally tightly coiled. Then I used the smoothie and it was just as delicious. Both items are definite treats for your hair. Smells good and gets the job done.
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Muriel D
Normal, IL
Just what I needed
This is wonderful. My hair has gone from being very dry with issues of dandruff to moistuized, strong, and almost flake free. I don't have to use oil sheen anymore or try to grease my scalp to make my hair stay moisturized. I typically do a hot oil treatment with the hair elixir before this and and the system works. the best thing is that it all smells great and you don't have to use alot of each of the products. I had used them long before having to buy more, so you defintely great your money's worth, for a product that will do your hair some good.
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Tui Moisturizing Hair Duo
I have been using these products for close to a month now and I have seen positive results. Hair has more body, sheen and less breakage. I have been getting compliments on how healthy my hair looks. Definately will continue to use these products and others.
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Phoenix, AZ
This duo together is fabulous ... I have long, thick, wavy hair, iam mexican. This is perfect for every hair type. Will definitely buy again.
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philadelphia, PA
Great product, customer services should meet the quality of product, but do not
I am asian/european, and have very thick, wavy and dry hair. This product worked great, the shampoo did not dry out my hair like some others do, and the conditioner was just heavy enough without being greasy. A+ to the product, but C- to customer services as I had an issue with another product and to date I am waiting on a reply to my e-mail. I would still definately recommend TUI.... as a bonus it smells good too!
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Joan L.
Cincinnati, OH
Miracle Hair Crack!!
I purchased the Tui shampoo & Hair smoothie OMG! I thought i died and went to heaven I have NEVER been able to find ANY product to moisturize and detangle my RUUUF mane my hair has the texture of a brillo pad! and when shampood it turns to a nappy matted mess but after litteraly years of trial and error i found CD if you have thick thirsty hair like i DID you owe it to yourself to try this product for the first time in my 50 plus years i didnt CRY after shampooing my hair because it tangled so badly>>this stuff should be called HAIR CRACK cause you will get addicted!! Thanks Carol's Daughter
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Angelita Bryant
Harrisburg, PA
Tui Hair Shampoo and Smoothie Conditioner
I love these products. Amazing and feels soooooo good. Refreshing, Clean and soft. I also love love love the smell. ooooooo la la.
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Barbara Turman
Mt Vernon, NY
Happy Hair in New York
I love this product it really works nicely for your hair!!!!!!!
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Tampa, FL
Too hard to believe! But worth it!
I just got this product 12/12/10. Currently I am growing my perm out and is dealing with dull hair and breakage. I washed my hair and used the Tui Hair Smoothie. I wrapped it overnight and didnt use a hair dryer. My hair is shiny, so soft and manageble. I dont whats in it, but hot diggety dog my hair is gorgeous! You will be a fool not to try this.
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alicia jones
knightdale, NC
the collection
my hair was badly damaged by herat medications, making it very dry and brittle. but the tui collection especially the smoothie is the best thing that could have happend to my hair. it leavs it soft,no more breakage and my hair's growing again. anyone who has dry damaged hair to try this!
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