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Mimosa Hair Honey

Item #: 20341      4.0 oz
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Joy F.
Harrisburg, PA
Must have product for shine, smoothing, and flyaways...does it all!
I love this stuff. Not only do you only need to use very little, but it is so natural on your hands after applying the product...meaning no residue is in your hair! It smooths, shines, and tames flyaways all without weighing down the hair. My hair is relaxed, and this is fantastic. A little goes a long way. Try it. You will love it.
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I love this product, I apply it to my hair everyday after I spray in the Tui leave in conditioner and I am all set to go.
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Mimosa Hair Honey
I'm glad to have found out about Mimosa Hair Honey. I have tried several hair products, however not all of them are as natural as this one. I also like that it makes my hair soft, and after I washed my hair and used hair conditioner, the texture of my hair was manageable and didn't feel too dry nor sticky. I'm also glad that I can purchase Mimosa Hair Honey at stores not very far from where I live, so I don't have to order online and then have to pay shipping charges too. The scent is pretty good, but it has a little scent to it that smells a little like baby powder along with the citrus scent, without using any artificial ingredients nor chemicals, could you adjust the scent a little?
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I never, ever review items. But, I had to review the 'Mimosa Hair Honey'. It is wonderful on my soft, curly hair. Gives me lots of shine and is not heavy. As I used the 'Hair Honey' I begin to notice that my HANDS WERE HEALING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered the ointment for cracked heels because the cracked hands product was out and I figured if you can repair feet, you can repair hands. I'm still waiting for that order!. However, my HANDS ARE BEAUTIFUL.; soft and supple with less noticeable cracks. I hope the feet products works as well. Thank you for this wonderful product.
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Jennifer Simon
harvey, LA
Just Little bit Works
I like this product I dont have use but a dime size amount to tame my hair and add shine. The smell is is a bit strong but it does the trick.
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Works Well
This product does make your hair pretty soft and manageable, but I personally hate the smell and don't use it that often.
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Cleveland, OH
Great Product
I LOVE Mimosa Hair Honey because it softens my hair and moisturizes. It is great for twist outs and right after you wash your hair. And it REALLY helps with breakage. I highly recommend it.
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Tramelle Thomas
Humble, TX
Never Would Have Thought!
So this stuff is AH-MAZE-ING!!! I couldn't, for the life of me, get my hair to shine, no matter what I put in it. My hair can stay moisturized but with no shine. I got a sample of this product just to see what it did and I DID NOT expect it to be what it is. I put a little of this on my hair before leaving out the door and I must say I was beyond happy. That sunshine was bouncing off my curls like nobody's business! I just had to buy a jar. I doesn't weigh you hair down and the smell is heavenly. I got the smaller jar because you don't need a lot, nor do you need to use it all the time. What I love about this product is that you get the sheen of a hair grease without all those bad ingredients of hair grease. I will definitely be trying other products in the future!
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A pinch does wonders!
I'm a first time user of Carol's Daughter's products and I so anxiously wanted this product. I felt as though I had several items at home that could compare to this, so when I saw a free offer (with a certain purchase amount), I jumped right on it! I heard great reviews but wanted to try it for myself. I applied a very small amount of the mimosa hair honey (fingertip amount on each section; 8 sections in total) on freshly washed hair and voila! A softness and shine, I have never felt since being natural (1 1/2 years natural, type 4a hair). I tried it on dry hair and noticed that along with softness it added lots of natural shine/sheen. Although I use natural oils in my hair, there is something different about this product, it gives you more than oil alone. I used this product both on my 2 yr old son (4a hair) and my 10 year old daughter (4b hair) and it did the same for them both. This is the only thing I will use in his hair so I plan on repurchasing, no need to wait on another promotion, this stuff is worth the money!
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Tifini Washington
Southern Pines, NC
I have been waiting for this and finally got it!!! It came fast. I just ordered this, this Saturday. I just put some of this in my son and nephew hair and my son was like "omg mom, it smells so good!" Then he went ant looked in the mirror in the bathroom and he was like, wow!! My son has natural curly hair and he also dyed his hair blonde. After putting Mimosa Honey in his hair, it looked so healthy. My nephew is 21 moths old and i put Mimosa Honey in his hair and it made it so soft. Thank you Carols Daughter, I finally found a product that is just for me!!!!
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worth the wait
waited 3 days & finally got the hair honey, along w/marguerite's magic. and it was worth the wait. this product made my dull, very dry hair, natural hair feel smooth & sealed. definitely no frizziness; used it for the first time w/a 2 strand twist & this product even helped eliminate some of the usual shrinkage i experience after washing. my twists have body & shine. would definitely recommend this product to control frizziness...
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Keisha Gregory
Shelby, NC
I have a 20 month old daughter and her hair is thick course and curly. This product does wonders on her hair. I started using this when she was 12 months old. I would use other natural based products on her hair and they would dry her hair out...but NOT CAROL'S DAUGHTER!!! This is a must have for my daughter!!! Thanks CD for making hair combing easier for me and my baby girl.
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My hair is very dry, and in using some of the Carol's Daughter products it seemed extremely dry. I used the Mimosa Hair Honey with the other products my hair is no longer dry. It looks so natural now and no dryness at all. I love this product my hair does not feel or look greasy. I would recommend this to anyone with extremely dry hair.
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Jamie Parham
Harbor City, CA
must have
I've been using this on my daughter since she was 1 1/2 years old and she just turned 3. I must say this keeps her hair very healthy and VERY manageable. Her hair also is growing VERY healthy. And when I run out, you can SEE the difference. This is a must have for coarse thick hair.
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I would first like to say that I love ALL of Carol's products. Mimosa Hair Honey is the bomb.com!!! It smells so delightful and is so creamy and smooth and glides on your scalp and hair perfectly. It is very light and almost melts on your finger tips. It does what it says and works!! I love this. Thank you LISA! I have your body products, hair products and face products.
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Zina Gross
Baltimore, MD
Love it, Love it, Love it.
This Mimosa hair honey is pure GOLD for my natural tight curly hair. It smells absolutely wonderful also. I have found true love. I am so in love with the way my hair responds to this for 3 days or more at a time. I am seeing the true value of this product. Thank you Lisa and God bless.
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Celia McCoy
Raleigh, NC
The Best Product Ever
I have thick, coarse and more times than none dry hair. When I'm near that 6 week deadline for a relaxer nothing has ever made my hair look shiny or relaxed until now. I visited my cousin in NY and my hair got really dry, I used a small amount of her Mimosa and my hair has never been the same. The next day we went downtown so that I could get my own. I am 1 day away from needing my relaxer and never in the history of my hair has it ever looked so shiny, straight and soft. In just a weeks time of using this product my hair also appears to be healthier. I have song this products praises to all my friends on facebook, it's unbelievable so unbelievable that I worry that my hair will become immune to it one day and it won't have the same effect but until then I will continue to use this product. Now if I could just figure out which shampoo & conditioning regimen is best, there's so many good products to choose from. Thanks Lisa for making my crown of glory even more beautiful~
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The onlt product I use on my scalp.
This is a great Product that II apply to my scalp 3 times a week or sometimes two. I massage into my scalp and hair and this keeps my tresses and scalp moisturized. I love it. Lisa in Pittsburgh, PA.
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Newark, NJ
I Love Hair Honey!!!
I Love, Love,Love the Hair Honey! Moisture and shine without feeling too greasy. And the smell, HEAVEN! Great for natural hair (use for my 7yr old, scalp, hair and ends) and for relaxed hair (scalp and hairline). Did I mention I Love the smell. Great Product!!
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Elizabeth Brown
San Antonio, TX
Hair looks like a thousand lights
I have a mix of white/grey/black hair mostly white, fairly straight texture and below shoulder length. I used the Black Vanilla shampoo and smoothie, Before I roller set my wet hair I used the Mimosa Hair Honey throughout my hair followed with the Black Vanilla Leave In Conditioner. I just let my hair air dry over night, When I combed it out I was amazed. My hair looks like it has a thousand lights built into the strands. My hair looks beautiful, is shinny, and smells wonderful. Most of all it isn't greasy, and doesn't feel weighted down. (It rained today and I got NO frizz and it still looks great.)
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My coarse, tight curls, my daughters long shoulder length hair...SOFT, SHINE, SWEET SMELL...SUPER :)
I purchased this just to try... My two daughters and I have virgin, not chemically treated hair, and my hair, very coarse, tightly curled. I wanted something to help retain moisture from the winters cold winds, and soften my hair that had become extremely dry and brittle in the past few months. For the girls, the same and added shine since they like to flat iron. This product is beyond words..a tiny bit goes a very long way on hair thats past the shoulders. Its not heavy, leaves their hair light and bouncy..LOVE THAT!! For my tight curls, it softens and locks in moisture on freshly shampooed hair; I apply wet, twist or finger curl and go. The smell makes me nostalgic for my moms house getting my own hair done..a very light hairdress scent. I'm very pleased (and so are they), thank you!!
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first purchase
i just received my first jar and use it gave me much shine and revived my scalp it was very dry look forward to seeing the results in weeks to come
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Great for braiding n pony tails
I need the 8 oz next time. I only bought 4 oz to test it.. I used on my 2 yr old natural hair. I love it with the healthy hair butter. She is a full african american girl with thick n corkscrew hair.(brown skin)
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Margate, FL
Love it!
I love this product! My hair isn't really natural (keratin treatment) so I usually end up blow drying my hair & straightening it. I apply a little of the Hair Honey before straightening it & it leaves my hair so smooth & manageable that the iron just glides through my hair. I also use when I wrap my hair up at night. It keeps my hair frizz free & when I wake up the next morning, it allows my hair to fall in place with no problem. Even my boyfriend uses this on his hair & when he heard I was ordering more from CD, he asked me to get this again!
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