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Macadamia Heat Setting Foam

Item #: 20493      5.85 fl oz
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Jade Monique
Mountain View, CA
Cannot Live Without!
I'm in a hair transition and I've have been using this Macadamia Heat Setting Foam for over 6 months now. I cannot go without it. It's so light and it doesn't leave any kind of flakes in my hair like hair spray would. I use it when I need to put the curl formers in my hair at night for the next day. It makes my hair extremely soft and my curls bounce. At the end of my day, my hair is still up in curls and they don't fall or get frizzy. I can tie my hair up over night and my curls will still fall in place. CD, do not ever get rid of this amazing product.
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Perfect for Easy Styling
I don't think I'm the typical user/original target audience for this product, which is why I really wanted to share my experience too. I'm white with fine curly/wavy hair. I love pin-up/retro hair styles and am really trying to minimize the amount of heat I use to style my hair. As a result, I decided to try pin-curls using the Macadamia Heat Setting Foam. Last night, I dampened my hair, used two squirts of the foam, ran it through my hair, pinned up my hair in pin-curls all over my head, wrapped my hair up in a bandana, and went to bed. I'm pretty sure I looked like my grandma in the '50s and my husband kind of laughed/snorted when he saw me, but I told myself it was rather cute and vintage and then quickly turned off the lights. This morning, I unwrapped my bandana, unpinned the curls, and down fell my hair in lovely, soft, shiny ringlets. This setting foam is AMAZING! Again, my hair was soft, not crunchy, not flaky, super manageable, and shiny. Oh, and it smelled good. I was able to quickly style my hair this morning and get my day started because I didn't have to waste time trying to curl my hair and then style it from there. I already received one compliment on my hair from my neighbor and it wasn't even 8:00 a.m. That's pretty darn good in my book. I cannot recommend this styling product enough and will definitely continue to buy it. So, even if you aren't doing retro/pin-up styles, but just want a nice heat-free alternative to getting gorgeous curls, I think the foam is the way to go.
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After reading all the great reviews about this product, I finally decided to try it out and I must say I'm LOVIN' it! It works so well on my hair and smells wonderful! I wanted to find a solution to have "wash and wear" hair and this is it! Thank you CD!!
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Charlotte, NC
Sister Loc Braid Out Success!
Used this for the first time on my 3 1/2 year old Sister Locs. I've used other light hold (non-oil based) setting lotions in the past and other setting lotions that are geared toward natural hair (i.e., water based). But nothing holds a candle to CD's Macadamia. It gave me a perfect light hold without the build-up, flaking, or crunchy-ness that you get from other foam setting lotions. I'll try it again on a rod set to see how it works on curls vs. krinkles, but so far, so great!
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Not Well Pleased
My comment is quite different from all other rave reviews on the Macadamia Heat Setting Foam. I was not pleased at all with the results. This product made my hair soft but it also made my hair come out. It was so soft that some of my hair at the top started shedding. Not sure what the problem was but it didn't work for my hair. I love other products of Carol's Daughter, ie. Black Vanilla Conditioner and Monoi products. I will pass on this product though.
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Rachelle Riodin
Bridgeport, CT
Gods Gift to Us
I don't know where to begin and I must say this product is amazing!! Used it once and I can't get enough of it now. I used it to perfect my Bantu Knots. I used the Carols Daughter Tui moisturizing oil and the hair milk topping it off with the Macadamia heat setting foam and the next morning my hair looked amazing. No crunch AND NO FRIZZ!!! My hair was tamed and on its best behavior. I went on through the whole day with my hair being moisturized and frizz less. It look like I didn't do too much but at the same time, had one heck of a product to keep it all together and I did!!! I definitely recommend this product because not only it helps perfect hair style using heat but it also is capable to be used with heat and it protects your hair. The amount that you are given is more than enough. I'm very happy to have purchased the Macadamia foam.
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Love it!
I love this product - so great for heat styling
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Loved it, just wish it was a stronger hold
I used this to do a perm rod set on natural hair. I was nervous at first because this was my first time using this and my very first time attempting a perm rod set. The foaming part reminded me of Jane Carters wrap and roll setting lotion my hair stylist used when I was relaxed. After I washed my hair, I applied the Carol’s Daughter foam as directed. It’s a very light foam and not sticky. It was late at night so I only sat under the hair dryer for about 15-20 mins. The next morning when I took the rods out, my hair looked FAB!!! My hair looked pressed and then curled. I was extremely impressed with the results and the outcome of the product. While I liked the foam, it doesn’t give me enough of a hold, I was only able to achieve 3 day hair. Next time I will try it with a light gel underneath for a stronger hold.
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Love it!!!
I used the Macadamia Heat Setting Foam the day I got it. I love it! I wrap my hair after washing it. When I combed it out the next day, my hair was soft , shiny and very easy to flat iron. This is my new favorite CD product!
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Aisha Wilson
Rosedale, NY
Highly recommend
I must say, this product really tames my curls. I use it right outta the shower and let my hair air dry. My curls stay frizz free, no crunch... Just beautiful curls.
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Buffalo, NY
Great Everyday product!
I perfer to wrap my hair than using heat. I have relaxed hair and intend on leaving it that way. I was using another popular brand and my hair always turned out sticky when I wrapped it wet or crunchy under a hooded dryer. I bought this product and it was the complete opposite. My hair was soft! I actually blow dried it out first due to the amount of new growth the setting foam didn't stand a chance while wet without my hair pulling out with the comb. I actually tried a method my mom taught me when I was younger but with many products today it doesn't work, but because it's a lighter formula it worked great. With Dry Hair, wrap hair as normal and with 2-3 pumps of the setting foam, rub through hands and around wrapped hair and tie with silk scarf. The result was a soft wrapped set that was not a tid bit crunchy or sticky. I didn't need to use the flat iron the next morning and have been doing this ever since. You're left with a nice straight, lightly bumped style. I just use a dime size of lisa's elixir when combing it out and I'm set (No pun intended!).
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Frederick, MD
Setting Foam
I bought this product yesterday and I love it! It is the best setting foam I've ever used. My hair is relaxed, color treated and very fine. I wrapped my hair and sat under the dryer. Once I combed it out i was so amazed at how straight and shiny my hair was. I did not have to flat iron it. I wear a short bob which is tapered in the back. I plan to grow out my relaxer. This product smells great and you only need to use a small amount. Well worth the money.
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great product
Unlike most foam wrap and set products, Macadamia leaves your hair shiny and beautiful with no crunchy dryness. I plan to use this product for a long time.
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auburn hills, MI
This product is great. My hair is natural and shoulder length. I don't have to use that much at all. I got it to replace my other wrap/foam product that I use from another company and this beats it hands down. I don't add alot of heat to my hair so I really don't use it as a heat protectant. I usually roller set my hair and let it air dry. It leaves me with alot of hold and doesn't dry my hair out. It has a light smells that is nice. Also an added plus, when I just add some to my hair and do nothing to it. It really defines my natural curls, wow didn't expect that. I will definitely buy more. Lol can't live without it now. When I do blow dry and flat iron my hair I will definitely use this hopefully with great results
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chicago, IL
The Best Setting Foam
I have been setting my hair for many years. I will say this is the best hair setting product I have ever experienced. I work out four days a week and my set is still holding. I relax my hair 3 or 4 times a year. My hair has a healthy shine and what's so amazing is my set last the entire week, even with me working out.
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Milwaukee, WI
Love this product
I have a relaxer and very thick, course hair. Normally 3wks into my relaxer my hair is very hard to mold, but not with this product. Also my hair is soft and shinny after it dries, not crunchy and stiff. I love this product please don't stop making it. Definitely worth the $.
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Kita Harris
Carol Stream, IL
No crunch!
I use this product along with the heat protection serum and the TUI moisturizing line. I love these products. The setting foam is wonderful - lightweight, non-sticky and doesn't leave my hair hard or crunchy when I'm done - just remember that a little goes a long way. No need to slather it on or completely saturate your hair in it - it works.
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Jessica McDowell
McComb, MS
Love this product!
I bought this product while on a trip in Atlanta after a fantastic rep. in the Lenox Mall told me it would be great for my twistouts. She gave me a fantastic demonstration and I was sold. A lot of naturals are afraid of heat damage but this products lets me set my twist under the dryer and they are softer than you could ever imagine! I love it and I will be order it soon!
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Dreanna Johnson
Mobile, AL
I don't even know where to begin because I LOVE THIS STUFF SO MUCH. It is the best styling product I have ever used. I have natural hair. I use this for my fresh-out-the-shower look and when I flat iron my hair. There is no downside with this product. My fear is that I will wake up one day, and it's been discontinued - please don't do that to me.
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I want to say that this is the best foam ever. My hair is colored and natural. I use the black vanilla shampoo and the black vanilla conditioner, i put the heat setting foam on my hair and sit under the dryer for 30 to 45 minutes or until its dry. When I say my hair looks beautiful, I mean it looks beautiful! I've been looking for something that would give me a nice curl and not make my hair dry and hard, this is it, I love it
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Audrice Johnson
Richmond, VA
Best Setting Foam I've ever tried
I love this setting foam. My relaxed hair came out soft, smooth, and fell into place beautifully!!! It does not look dull and has a beautiful shine. Please make this in a larger size or make a refill bottle!!!!
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Tia Coles
Atlanta, GA
I have been ever so excited about washing my hair since yesterday when I purchased the Macadamia Heat Foam from my local mall. I am an avid co-washer since I workout 3x weekly and I have been looking for a product that would enable me to combat the destruction that ensues with heat styling. First about my hair: it's naturally thin (ugh) and relaxed (I'm currently rocking a cute short bob - cut low in the back). I wear very little product in my hair and try to avoid heavy styling products at all costs. I'm totally in love with the Black Vanilla line and while I've purchased the shampoo, I primarily stick to co-washing with the smoothie or conditioner. So after a 45min run, i did my co-wash ritual, side-parted my hair and slicked it straight back, tying it down with a netted scarf and sat under my hooded dryer. Once dried, I noticed that my hair felt super slick (like freshly relaxed hair - even though it's been nearly 2mths since my last touch-up). Next, I rubbed a very minimal amount of Marguerite's Magic through my hair and proceeded to section and flat iron. This product is truly heat-activated because my hair felt like butter once I glided the flat iron through it. So much body,bounce, and SHINE!!! This product EXCEEDED all expectations and I will certainly tell all my friends (natural and relaxed) how wonderful it is! Thanks CD!!
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Wow, no crunch!
I have very long hair, and am recently growing out my bangs. I received this as a gift, and though every other styling foam on the planet has NOT worked for me, this held my bangs back nicely, and I even let my hair dry naturally ( I applied this product wet). Now I'm looking forward to trying the other 2 products in this line! Black Vanilla and Monoi lines are my faves! Thanks, Lisa!
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Heather Bonds
Indianapolis, IN
Best Setting Foam on the Market
This is an excellent light-weight foam. The finished product leaves your hair full of body and shine. I use it when rolling my transitioning hair (which I wear ironed out for the most part), and also spray a little of the heat setting spray for the areas that will be ironed out. The combination is awesome - gives you a fresh from the salon look.
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Excellent styling aid for transitioners
I recently took out some braids and needed a quick style so that my hair can breathe before I add any more extensions. I havent had a relaxer since January and I have quite a bit of new growth. I wet set my hair on rollers and sat under the hair dryer for an hour with this product. My hair came out soft and there were no crunchy curls. I gave this product a 4 because there is no hold, overall a good product.
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Best setting foam I've used yet. Very soft and silky finish. Hair does not look dull and dry. also I feel like with other setting foams they kind of leave my scalp itchy but not this one!!!
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