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Vanilla Petals Body Indulgence Duo

Item #: 21695     
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Soft & Subtle
I was not sure if I was going to like this sent. I bought it on impulse and based on the reviews. It was love at first whif! I love the soft yet lingering powder fresh sent that it leaves on my skin.
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Jennifer gierok
Cedar, MI
I love u carol!
Tried almond cookie set first and came back for more and found vanilla petals set and HAD to try it! Your Shea soufflé butters are insanely good and so are your body creams! Don't even get me started on your bath gels and cream washes! Most fragrances fade even after layering but not carols daughter!!!! Scent lasts but in such a beautiful way that's not overpowering yet you know you're wearing it. They ALL leave my skin ridiculously soft and smelling great! My only problem is they don't magically refill themselves! And my three year old daughter Zoey can't get enough of them either! I LOVE my skin thanks to you Lisa! Have you ever considered adopting a thirty five year old white girl with three kids? If so I am yours!I Love everything I've tried shofar and know I will love what ever else you have to offer!Thank you thank you thank you!
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I used this the first time today. It has a wonderful scent that is the perfect balance. Not overwhelming or barely able to smell it at all. The set together completely wonderful. Recommend this to someone who loves bath and body work products! Will defiantely buy this again!
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Tierra Whiteside
Atlanta, GA
So Femininely Pretty...
This scent is so femininely pretty. I was at Macy's yesterday and they had the duo out on display... I gave it a try and instantly fell in love! It has a powdery type scent to it and feels really good on your skin. I definitely went ahead and purchased it. I will definitely buy more! This is my new favorite scent
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This is a lovely vanilla product. it is that nice balance of soft, sweet, and feminine. It also acts as a nice base for other perfumes, since they have those notes anyway, but in different proportions. I'd love to see this as a cologne.
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Y'all gotta try it!!!!!
If you haven't tried Vanilla Petals hurry before it's too late, it's limited edition for the holiday. It's good, bought my second set and buying two more as gifts.
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Memphis, TN
Lisa - you have really hit it with this new vanilla scent!!!!!! I love all things vanilla but this could be my favorite yet. It is really soft, the scent lingers all day but just ina subtle just barely there way that is pleasant without being overpowering. I bought this for m yself, but now I back to buy it as a gift. the box is so pretty it will really look nice under the tree.
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Schaumburg, IL
In Love all over Again!
Just when I thought Lisa could not out do herself, here comes Vanilla Petals. Lisa, this is so beautiful. I am totally in love with the soft powdery fragrance that makes up this scent. It smells so inviting and it makes you want to cuddle up. The quality of the product is outstanding as usual. The shower cream feels amazing on the skin and the frappe lotion keeps me hydrated all day. I was waiting for a new vanilla, and this one is it. I’m so glad I purchased two of these sets, so I will not run out anytime soon. Also with my CD membership, I saved on shipping and got a discount!!
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