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Tui Natural and Free Hair Set
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Monica Gilbert
Landover, MD
Originally, I wrote a bad review about this product but let's just say, I don't like to quit. The product makes your hair shiny, soft, and smells great. My daughter has super kinky full and thick hair, no chemicals. So I have used the set for 3 weeks. Initially I washed using the shampoo for the first week. The other two weeks I just co-washed using the hair smoothie and I have decided to use the shampoo once a month and just co-washing every week. I think that after my daughter's hair had time to adjust to this product it easy easy to manage and moisturized. What helps is detangling first while wet (I dampened her hair with a little water then detangled) then put the hair smoothie on and twisted the sections. I will definitely order this product again.
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not all products made for everybody
I bought the set for my six year old daughter and her hair is natural, thick, long, and dry. I have been trying various products but I am searching for something where I can use a set as a whole instead of purchasing different products, which I think is more cost effective. I wanted to love the tui set and I was sure this would tame my daughter's hair. I used the tui oil as a hot oil treatment on my daughters hair then followed up with a shampoo, smoothie, a little tui oil, then the "detangling leave in conditioner spray." Well I knew something was wrong when I washed her hair with the shampoo because her hair sprung back to her scalp about a pinky fingers length. I thought the smoothie would smooth it out because I have experienced this before but the smoothie seemed to make it worse. On my daughter's hair with this product I experienced lots of shedding and it was extremely tangled. However I did notice a change in the appearance of her scalp and her hair was very shiny. I have sisterlocs so I used the shampoo on my hair and noticed a lot of shedding as well. The oil is excellent and I will continue to purchase the oil because it smells good and doesn't weigh down my hair or my daughters and creates lots of shine. When I ordered I received a free 8 oz bottle of the Hair Milk co-wash. I tried it on my son's hair and it yielded wonderful results, I will try it on my daughter's hair this weekend. In the past I have purchased CD's body products and I love them. Any suggestions?
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Doraville, GA
My wonderful daighter bought this gift set for me for Christmas and I am TOTALLY in love!!! My hair was dry and brittle but since I've been using the products in this set, my hair is softer, curlier and fuller. I tell everyone I know with natural hair about Carol's Daughter products. Thank you :-)
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Kathy McRae-Culbreth
Red Springs, NC
Hair Products
This is my first tme using the hair products and they are the boom. I've never used anything quite as good as this and I've tried so many. The hair pudding and the co-wash conditioner and conditioners are great. I'm totally natural and at the time my hair was a mess. I tried just the samples. And not that I have a lost of money but I'll sacrifcie just to buy this product for myself and my grandbaby. Thanks to whom every decided to make this product. I'll ring you name everywhere I go.
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Washington, DC
Tui best of the best
I have relaxed hair and I ONLY use Tui products. I have also just tried the olive oil infusion and will NEVER EVER use relaxer again! I have done the big chop like 5 times within the last 15yrs but always go back to relaxers because great products like CD didn't exist. My daughter is going natural now and I begged her not to go chemical again! U rock Lisa! Thank u 4bringing forth ur dream! I am in thrprocess of obtaining my cosmo license and want to use ur products. Do u have them in salon size?
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Kita Harris
Carol Stream, IL
Well worth the purchase!
I have had to re-learn how to apply products to my hair with Carol's Daughter. With the Tui line (and every other product from CD that I have) I've learned that a little goes a long way. Too often if we're not slathering it in or on our hair then we figure it's just not going to work. I use the leave-in conditioner after the Tui shampoo and conditioner smoothie in the shower (where I detangle my natural hair). When I'm done at this point my hair is SUPER soft, feels extremely healthy and is easily managed and I have VERY kinky hair. I use a very little of the hair oil for my edges and ends of my hair (especially) and top it all off with the Tui hair sheen. The softness and moisture lasts all week as well as the fragrance which I can only describe as wonderful aromatherapy. I find that I only need a few other additional products with the Tui line as I've bought additional oils like tea tree oil, castor oil, peppermint oil and rose water and add a few drops to either my conditioner or the hair oil. However, if you read the ingredients for all of their products in this line they carry the majority, if not all of the essential oils that you would need for natural hair upkeep - olive, jojoba, coconut, lavender, aloe vera, rosemary, glycerine, and shea butter. I'm a busy woman; employed and part-time grad student so taking the time out to write a lengthy review is something I don't normally do. These products are worth it and the purchase. If you're worried about price then do what I did and split the purchases.
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raeford, NC
i use this tui product my hair is a 4b very thick and tight curls and dry. After using this product the first time my hair just felt moist but after using it again my hair was soft, managable, and spongy. i love this product u dont need much shampoo bc it lather great. Great stuff!
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:-) This is staple for me - lengthy review
Just for comparison, let me inform you of what happen during previous routine washes BEFORE using this set. The minute I turned off the water, my hair would've dried at the ends while moist in the middle. It wouldnt take long before being completely dry, and rough. I remember wearing a plastic cap just to maintain moisture while I did my mini twist in sections. -_- I bought this set at the store (which also came with Jojoba & Shea High Shine) and was given complimentary Healthy Hair Butter. Just from the Tui Hair Oil application alone, I was sold! The shampoo wasnt drying (I didnt dilute it) and the smoothie was awesome. The Leave-in smels delish and works fabulously with the Healthy Hair Butter. Practically MELTED my hair. I used the Jojoba & Shea shine spray to seal. I did twist that night. OMG!! :) my hair stayed moisturized the whole time. It felt full and wonderful. AND I DIDNT have to keep my hair under a plastic cap. This set is wonderful. The only thing is the cost. It is more costly in stores but worth the buy. With coupons and such online it should become reasonable. Im happy :)
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Being a "rookie" to this natural hair process, i find that CD eases me into the transition. The products are so light and provide so much moisture to my hair! Free from harsh chemicals, it allows me to use the products as often as i need to without having to worry about the "weight" or "build-up". I absolutely love CD and i will be a lifetime user!=)
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melanie lawson
poughkeepsie, NY
After going thru "The Big Chop" my hair texture has amazed me;varies from wavy around my edges and nape to thick n course in the middle...just left the TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) Phase and now I'm in a medium sized afro flow..LOVE Carols Daughter products!!!! The Tui Hair Oil is wonderful and left my hair extremely soft! THe Herbal shampoo cleanses and moisturizes so unlike other shampoos I have tried. Hair Smoothies are a MUST!! I would recommend using these every time you decide to shampoo..I am actually typing this with the Tui Smoothie and plan to use the leave in- conditioner aright after and let my hair air-dry! Such a wonderful Set, Thanks CD!!!!
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