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Kids with Naturally Curly Hair
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Natalie Westby
Not just for kids
I have 3 c hair. I've tried the simple perfect curls set alone and I didn't like the results at first b/c I didn't like how dry my ends felt. So I went back to carolsdaughter.com and got the black vanilla hair set. I used it once and WOW! My curls are so bouncy, soft and moisturized, but not greasy! I have less snaps and breaks! When I combine it with the moni repairing anti-breakage spray, I have practically no breakage at all!!! Plus the scent is wonderful.
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Brooklyn, NY
Here's my dirty little secret - bought these good-for-you products for my kid, use them all up on myself : ). I am in love with the smoothie, and the 2 leave-ins really do wonders to detangle my daughter's hair, she never complains anymore (well at least about combs... lol)
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I think the vanilla smoothie&the leave in are Ok IF you are not protein sensitive or Panthenol sensitive...Panthenol is used is lots of hair products,but the downside is once the hair is dry,it leaves it really frizzy looking..The curlier the ftizzier..I beleive a lot of people dont know this..Panthenol is fibe if you are rinsing it out,but if you are leaving in hair,check the label&see if using yhe hair milk(no panthenol)works out better instead..My daughter has 4b 4c hair&I avoid products containing panthenol if leaving in hair and I have noticed a huge diffrence in her hair...
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I love the Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie
Let me start off by saying that I love the black vanilla hair smoothie, it was the only one I liked out of the 3 products. When I went to my local store which was located at Newport Mall in jersey city, the lady that helped me was very nice and made me feel very comfortable, I explained to her that my son was 18 months and of mix race (Puerto Rican, Black) with very nice hair but my problem with his hair was dryness and I was looking for something that would help keep it moisturized throughout the day. The leave in conditioner made his hair feel very sticky and dry but it has a great smell, the leave in moisturizer smells good as well but did not add any moisture to his hair. I would not recommend the last two products, but maybe you will get a different outcome than me. Good luck
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Milledgeville, GA
Disappointed :-(
I used this on my daughter's naturally curly hair & I was not as pleased as I had hoped. The shine was spectacular (1 star), the hair was more manageable (1 star), and the amount of breakage when detangling was significantly less than what it normally is (1 star)... my daughter even noticed. I followed the directions to the T, but she was a lot poofier than normal this morning. My biggest problem with her hair is frizz. I love her natural curl and I purchased this product so that she could wear it in it's natural curl (it's normally pressed and straight) but it was super frizzy and poofy this morning, so we're going to have to go back to the straight hair until I find something that reduces the frizz and really defines her curls. This sucks, because we were so excited.
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Brooklyn, NY
Results instantly!!!
I decided to search for new hair care products for my 19 month daughter after noticing that her hair was becoming increasingly dry and matted. She naturally has soft curly hair and i was looking to find a product that would enhance her curls while holding in moisture without the build up. I noticed while looking into hair care products for myself that Carols daughter had products aimed at kids (besides the Princess and Frog line). I read through a few comments on this product and decided to try it out. I purchased in addition to the above the black vanilla shampoo. Immediately her hair was softer, more managable and shiny. I am astonished and impressed that these results have occured in just one use. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TRY IT...It is worth the investment.
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Philadelphia, PA
The best product for AA children
My daughter is 16 months with very soft and curly hair. Johnson & Johnson's shampoo just wasn't cutting it, as it was very hard to comb thru her hair after washing it and left it feeling brittle. I did some research on CD's website, and figured i'd take a chance on the Kids w/ naturally curly hair product along with the shampoo and conditioner due to all of the natural ingredients! I LOVE IT!! The leave in conditioner makes the hair so soft and manageable, my daughter no longer cries when i'm combing thru it!! Not to mention, it has grown tremendously since i've began using it!! I'm so grateful to CD for making products that cater to our childrens hair!! You're the best, I will never use another product on my daughters hair!
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