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Hair Milk Deep Moisture Curl Set
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Claudia S. Marshall
Orange Park, FL
great product
Since I have been transitioning, I have tried every product that I could find but I finally bought a starter curl kit and for the firt time I have had hair has had some staying power. I followed the directions, and the products made my relaxed hair curl and stay curly. I am a person who has learned to do her hair by watching youtube videos and these products work so well. They have made a believer out me and my hair is soft and not dry!
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Soft Long Lasting Curls
I used to use another type of non sulfate cleansing conditioner on my hair but although it was not stripping my hair of chemicals it didnt feel like it was moisturizing enough. I just moved to California and this weather has not been forgiving on my hair. This Co Wash Conditioner provided great slip while washing allowing me to run my fingers through my hair with ease. I did not have to use alot of product either. The smell is fantastic and my hair was silky smooth when I got out the shower! I applied the leave in to damp hair after absorbing excess water with a tshirt. Next time I will try to use more or even use my Marguerites Magic. I felt as if I did not get the amount of moisture I needed. I forgot to mention I have natural course dry hair , natural kinks and coils, that has little to no curl pattern. I usually resort to twist outs and bantu knots to give more defined curls so when I saw this set I had to try it out. I must say this Pudding was a delight. I was able to twist up my knots and they were able to hold without any ouchless bands, pins or rubberbands which broke of my hair. Why 4 stars and not 5? After my bantu knots dried in the morning to my surprise I had some white flakes :( My curls were soft and they will probably last for 3 more days.
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Jeané Bennett
Killeen, TX
Love me some Hair Milk
When I first used the Hair Milk pripoduct I didn't know what to expect. After using the product I was amazed at how soft and shiny hair was. I love this product. The only thing I don't like is the pudding. It seems to flake with even just a little bit on my hair. I don't like flakes, it's looks like dandruff. Therefore, I don't use the pudding. I love the Hair Milk line.
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My New Go-To!
This is my new Go-To! Thank you Lisa! This set added so much moisture to my curls and coils! I absolutely love it. I use it in combination with the black vanilla leave in conditioner that smells wonderful. I look forward to trying other products but for now, I know this definitely works for me! I will be a faithful customer. This made managing my natural hair easier
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Megan Boone
Suffolk, VA
Pudding is the best. Co-wash takes a lot for thick hair.
I purchased this set that also included the spray. First, the co-wash bottle is difficult to open! I twist as the directions on the top say, but it just unscrewed the top off instead of opening. Same with the spray. The directions say open with an arrow pointing up. I kept tugging on the top until it popped out of place and the little white tube came out. I guess that is what needed to be removed, but then I had a time getting the sprayer back on the bottle. Spilled some product in the making. After that, it was all good. :) I have very thick hair and the co-wash took a lot of product to work throughout, even with added water as I went. Think that would be better used if the hair is sectioned off. The leave-in and spray were good. The best was the pudding. Though it didn't make my edges lay flat, it did make my hair shine and look glossy. That was surprisingly good! Overall, good set.
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Taka Long
College Park, GA
The Hair Milk Deep Moisture Curl Set Did Not Produce Desired Results
I bought this kit because my 10-year old daughter wants to wear her natural hair (she hasn't had a perm in over a year). I got this kit specifically after watching the twist-out videos on this website because I wanted to try that style on my daughter. After washing my daughter's hair with the co-wash, I used the leave in moisturizer and hair pudding just as the woman in the tutorial video. My daughter's hair smelled really nice, but was nothing like the lady's hair in the video (her twists were very shiny and had bounce). My daughter's hair was stiff and had white flakes in it (consistent with build up from the product NOT dandruff). The twists did not turn out well at either because even after using the product, each twist was stiff, flaky, and frizzy. I am trying to use up the product because after all, I did pay quite a bit for the hair milk set. However, I still see that flaky build up in my daughter's hair after each use. Maybe this product was just not for us but I won't give up on trying to find other products on this website.
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Not Impressed
This if my first time purchasing this and have used it twice. So, far my hair is dryer than it was before and my curls are far from defined! I will not be buying again.
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out with the new
I love the old hair milk it to me works better then the new.
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Janice Cole
Shreveport, LA
Naturally Confused
I have been natural for about 3 months. I am looking for that special product that moisturize and hold. I have used CD'S skin care products for years. I must say that I was suprised that I like it. My hair is moist and the hair pudding is my new best friend. I am not a big fan of the smell and wish for larger sizes with a pump. I will purchase this product again and will check out videos on how the products is begin used.
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Beaverton, OR
Love all these products!
I first sampled these products in the small size in the winter time, and came back to get the larger sizes and the monoi treatment. I love everything about this line: the smell, the quality, the way it makes my hair look and feel. I get compliments almost every day on my curls. My only complaint is that I wish I could get larger sizes. I really hate small plastic packaging.
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Olga E Hayes
Upper Marlboro, MD
Natural and Loving It!!
The use of hair relaxers and hair color thinned and broke-off my hair. I have been natural for 4-years now and have tried several natural styles (including blow dry). The heat from blow drying and curling/flat irons started to break my hair. As a result, I decided to go completely natural....this was the best decision! Carol Daughter's “Hair Milk” products have made the decision to be completely natural easy. My hair has a kinky curl and is dry. Using CD’s Hair Milk products have made my hair soft. To increase the shine in my hair, I include the following CD products in my hair regiment: Tui Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner, Tui Oil and Hair Balm. I also have about 30% gray hair and color my hair every 6-8 weeks so I alternate the use of Rosemary Mint Clarifying Shampoo with the Hair Milk Co-Wash to keep my scalp clean of product overload. I have tried other products and found Carol Daughter's products to be the best on the market. I always get compliments on my hair and refer everyone to the Carol Daughter's website. I love my natural hair so much now that I don't even think about blow drying anymore.
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Did not work smells like chemicals
This product left both my daughter's hair and mine drier than before. There was no moisture and it smells horrible. from previous reviews I have read it used to smell wonderful. I don't know why it was changed but it smells like perm to me. Waste of money!
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Monica Marie Ellis
Brandon, MS
Best Curl Moisturizer
I have used this product for 2 years now, and I'm sold out! This product keeps my curls moisturized, defined without the crunchy feeling, and it smells great. I introduced a few of my family members to CD's products and they are sold out too! These products are worth the investment. You can't get healthy looking hair with wine taste on beer money.
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thank you
I just recieved my hair milk curl set all I can say to Lisa is thank ypu, thank you ,thank you this is the product I have been seacrhing for all my life ai have curly wavy hair and no matter what i tried when i would try to wear my hair natural it had no definition and it look like a lions mane this product has unbelievable shine and definition for curly hair all i can say is try it Ms Lisa please never change this product you have nailed it Oh and the Choclate smoothing is also amazing a never have to use a relaxer again thank Lisa luv u
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Better than Before
I liked the old hair milk, but I really enjoy this new stuff. The co-wash is great, I'm not a fan of the bottle and the twist top but other than that it does moisturize and cleanse. The leave-in conditioner is also very moisturizing, I use it by itself sometimes. The hair pudding has some flaws, the hold isn't very tight for my twist outs, but it is very soft and there is no residue left behind. I would recommend working on clean hair and only using these products the first time you style your hair. (Just fyi: I am fully natural/ type 3c/4a)
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Tiffany M.
Bolingbrook, IL
I have relaxed but super wavy, super thick hair. I hate to use heat and have tried many systems to define my waves. I used a couple of Carol's Daughter products before to help, but never an entire system. This was absolutely perfect and the best so far. My hair is soft, smells great, and looks AMAZING! I followed the tutorial video and I'm very pleased. Thanks so much!!!
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I have relaxed and colored-treated hair that is dull and dry (probably because of all the chemicals). After trying CD's products, I can't believe how good my hair looks and feels; it's as if I have someone else's hair. The Hair Milk products are fabulous. I absolutely LOVE the Hair Pudding!!!! My curls last for days (at least 3-4 days), and my hair is SOOOOO soft, moist & silky. I can't keep my hands out of my hair; it feels so good. And the shine is unbelievable. Normally, I have to use to a hair gloss or shine, but not with these products. Everyone is noticing the difference in my hair and they want to touch it, and I'm constantly getting compliments on my hair. I've also purchased the Marguerite's Magic, Monoi Repairing Collection, Black Vanilla Trio and the Chocolat Smoothing Collection and they are all FABULOUS. I'm a fan for LIFE. . . WAY TO GO LISA!!!!
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Twist and Shout :)
I just tried my Hair milk set this weekend! It truly is an amazing set! I followed "meechy monroes" video, and I achieved one of the best "Twist outs" ever! My curls were soft, moisturized, bouncy, and had incredible shine. I re-twisted that night, and woke up achieving dare I say, an even better results! Thanks Carol's Daughter :)
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Temecula, CA
Love this product
My daughter is half black/asian, with thick curly hair, and I have wasted countless money on products for her to wear her hair natural without the frizz. This product did not disappoint. We both love it and she has gotten so many compliments at school. I ordered the sample kit, but will be definitely ordering this product again.
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The best moisture products ever
I bought the sample box just to see if i wanted to buy the large set and my mind is made up, it's all that i have ever wanted. I love love love this hair system! I am going to buy the whole line ASAP! I am a product junky and out of all of the products i have ever tried i have never had products that made my hair elongated and moisturized and plump! When my hair dried it was so moisturized that i thought it was still wet, but it was really all the way dry. I have dry 4a,b hair type tightly coiled and i thought i would never find products that would do my hair like this. I can't say enough about this!
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Atlanta, GA
Lisa's Curls
I have always wanted my curls to look like yours Lisa - LOL. Every time I see you on HSN I'm like how does she do that? Well now I know! Well, OK I don't have a team of stylists in my apartmetn, but let me tell you I am coming pretty close with this set. My curls are soft and bouncy - a few people have asked to touch them - I am a celebrity in my neighborhood now too.
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My, My, My...
Very seldom these days do you purchase a product that actually does what it says. Well, the Milk collection is the exception to this rule! I love the way the products add moisture that isn't greasy or weighs your hair down. The fragrance is wonderfully subtle and my curls are defined, soft, and frizz free. Depending on the length of your hair and the style you want to achieve, for example if your hair is short to medium length and you want defined curls to wear your hair down, beware of shrinkage. Your going to want to set/twist your hair to account for shrinkage in order achieve your desired style. This is my first CD purchase and, all in all, these products exceeded my expectations! I'm now a CD customer for life! CD please consider offering larger size bottles.
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Atlanta, GA
Love this
I have been using Hair Milk forever, but this new set really helped to keep frizz under control! Not only that, it’s quick and easy to use. That’s perfect if you’re always on the go — like me!!!
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Curls without the crunch
Just purchased the Hair Milk Deep Moisture Curl Set this past weekend. I have been searching for a product that would moisturize and define curls without the crunch. This does exactly that for me. While standing in line at Target a woman complimented my hair and said it looked so "pretty." I think I am done searching for the "right" products for my hair. Although I did like the lemongrass scent of the original Hair Milk, I really like the fact that the scent is so mild, barely there....a definite plus.
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