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FEATURES Apr 9 2013 8:15PM
Courtesy of Billi

One Year Later—Billi Finishes Her Fairy Tale Transitioning Journey

When you envision your own fairy tale, what all does it entail?  I’m sure there’s a handsome prince charming of some sort, a unicorn or two prancing around, a sparkling glitter-filled stream, an unassuming frog perched on a mossy stone, a whimsical medley playing in the background & the sweet smell of strawberries floating through the air. Yes?!
I thought my fairy tale would unfold in a similar fashion, too.  But my prince charming ended up being a Peruvian cab driver.  My two prancing pals were a southern belle named Carnelia & a cool cali girl named Marquita.  The chariot that awaited me was a sleek black limousine.  My glittered-filled stream came in the form of a spa treatment topped with a chunky glittered manicure.  A live Billi Nicol show was playing in the background.  The room smelled like sweet Chai Latte’s from Starbucks.  And all this came true, not by the kiss from a frog, but by the click of a finger filled with faith!
One year ago, I received the phone call that changed my life! The ultimate reward for the “haircut” & decision that also changed my life…going natural! Carol’s Daughter listened to YOU, followed their gut instincts & the “tress-pertise” they acquired over the course of 20 years and launched TransitioningMovement.com and its “baby,” the Transitioning 1-2-3 Kit.  Simultaneously, 600 miles away, I listened to ME, followed my gut instincts & took a chance for Carol’s Daughter to “Transition Me Beautiful” and booooy did they ever! We were both embarking on something new, unique and amazing that needed to be shared…but we didn’t want to do it alone.  So we did it together…as a family, as a team, as a head full of curls all intertwining for the good of women everywhere! 
For the past 12 months, I have shared myself with you.  My real life hair diary…a girl’s most prized possession, with every kink & coil (remember that?)…has been made available for all the world to see.  When I did my BC, you were there.  When my TWA began to sprout, you were there.  When I met Lisa Price, you met her too.  When I reached the awkward “what-do-I-do-next” stage, you made frowny faces in the mirror with me & encouraged me to keep going.  When I rocked my headwraps, kinky twists, funky specs & different hair colors, you rocked it with me! As outgoing & outspoken as I am, this was a COMPLETELY new adventure for me & I was happy that I had my curlfriends along for the ride!
As I transition from my fairy tale inspired “Real Life Diaries” to my real life, I have 3 wishes:  I wish for continued success & blessings to follow Carol’s Daughter, the TransitioningMovment & the entire CD family until the end of time.  Amazing people deserve amazing things!  I wish for my “story” to linger long past this last diary entry, serving as inspiration & comic relief for many naturalistas to come!  And I wish for girls of all ages to experience their own “Transition Me Beautiful” moment in this lifetime.  Farewells are bittersweet, so I will just turn the page to a new chapter in my life! But NEVER forget who runs the world…CURLS!
Daria’s Daughter


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