Natural Hairstyles

  • How To Get the Perfect Boho Braid Nov 17, 2016

    This cute bohemian trend is easy to achieve

  • How To Style 4c Hair: Twist Out On Flat Ironed Natural Hair Dec 21, 2016
    by Angela Watford
    Our Sacred Tiare Anti-Breakage & Anti-Frizz Collection gives Chary-Jay the best Flat-Ironed, Twist-Out set ever! Her beautiful, thick, natural 4c hair is frizzless, flawless and free of breakage, even after blow-drying and using a flat iron.
  • Natural Hairstyles on Vacation: How to Repair Your Hair Inside Out Nov 17, 2016

    Naturally curly girl Notorious KIA loves to travel! But with the wonder of travel comes hair damage, thanks to the beaming sun, chlorine-filled pools and everything else we do to our hair during our action-packed vacations. Watch how easy it is to moisturize, strengthen, style and shine with this one amazing new collection!

  • How to Style Short Curly Hair 2 Ways: Day To Night Nov 17, 2016

    Turn your day-time office look into a fierce style for your nightlife! Hairstyle expert Beauty By Lee tells all her secrets on how-to go from the boardroom to the spot within a New York minute. All you need is Carol’s Daughter’s Hair Milk Original Leave-In Moisturizer to define and style your curls for the office—don’t forget your nude lip and hoop earrings.