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FEATURES Sep 12 2013 12:02AM

Life-Changing Curls: Get Them Today

by: Janelle Grimmond, Owner of My Muse Hair Boutique in Harlem NYC

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor, but I’ve spent a lot of time working with Hair scientists and chemists over the past year and a half as I built my business. Hair is my life, and I’m excited to share My Muse’s knowledge and techniques to you ladies ‘”in Transition.”

Are you sitting down?

Naturally curly hair needs moisture to maintain its curl and luster. Most of us LOVE our curls when they are wet, but hate them when they are dry. How can we maintain that level of moisture in the hair shaft without looking like you got caught in the rain?

You can spend your days buying products that will only put a band-aid on a bullet wound, or you can moisturize your thirsty strands from the inside out by making one big change in how you care for your curls.
Double Penetration!

Much like your skin, Hair absorbs whatever you put on it first. Think about your hair care regime, what is the first thing we put on our hair when we begin care? WATER. This water is absorbed immediately intothe shaft – fills it to capacity- and anything thereafter sits on the surface until it is washed away. Imagine if the first thing you put on your hair was a protein conditioner? That moisturizing goodness will get insidethe hair shaft enhancing the curl pattern and adding a natural shine. After this conditioning mask has penetrated the hair shaft, shampooing and a follow up conditioning should ensue. You are essentially DOUBLE MOISTURIZING your thirsty stands ensuring your curls retain moisture, look and smell fab.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

So before you shampoo your hair with a no suds, sulfate/paraben free shampoo, hydrate with conditioner by applying the product on your dry hair. Using a plastic cap, let the product sit for 45 mins-1 hour. Use heat from an overhead dryer for a deeper condition. (Either way your hair is going to love you for this). Depending on how dirty your hair or scalp may be, you can opt to just rinse without shampoo leaving a small amount of the conditioner in, or use a mild no suds shampoo to clean. Remember the goal isn’t to get your hair squeaky clean, it’s to get the conditioner to penetrate the cuticle so your strands can be moisturized from the inside out. You’ll notice the difference in your hair immediately. You are essentially DOUBLE MOISTURIZING your curly locks! Your hair will be more manageable, and have a natural sheen without the help of additional products. You’ll go from curly to straight with the same fab results. Stronger Shinier Strands.

Note: Curly hair needs moisture to survive-Shampoo can be very drying. Curly hair should be conditioned every three days and shampooed only once a week or once every other week. 

MyMusehair.com launches October 2013! Look out for more mind-blowing techniques and talk from Owner Janelle Grimmond.

Contact: mymusehair@gmail.com


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