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September 15 2014, 8:57AM CST

5 Ways To Style Your Hair This Fall

Here are five styles that graced the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week runways in New York City. You’ll surely see them transition to the streets this fall...  MORE

September 12 2014, 12:28PM CST

Our Favorite Ladies of Sitcom

'There are many sitcom characters we have fallen in love with over the years. Everybody pays homage to the protagonists of the shows, recycling the same characters in their Top 10 lists, but I wanted to mix it up a bit,' says Danielle Eliska. As a television writer, I decided to pay tribute to the beautiful ladies who made sitcoms over the decades worth watching.  MORE

September 11 2014, 9:26AM CST

5 All-Natural Remedies For Everyday Ailments

I remember my grandparents having all-natural remedies for every single thing under the sun. Back then I assumed it was their way of cutting corners. But now I understand the importance of knowing your body and not being dependent on over-the-counter quick fixes.  MORE

September 10 2014, 9:24AM CST

Do Men Value Money More Than Marriage?

When a man’s finances are not in order, can he truly focus on love?  MORE

September 9 2014, 8:35AM CST

5 Statement Necklaces To Rock With Your Statement Hair

You’ve got your signature tresses down pat, and you know how to rock a statement-making hair style. Why not add a statement necklace to accent your fearlessly fashionable look, asks Kim Jackson of Pish Posh Perfect.  MORE

September 8 2014, 8:59AM CST

Capu-a-what? Everything You Need To Know About Cupuaçu Butter.

Before it was discovered to be great for the hair and skin, it was used to produce juices and sorbets in its native South America. Carol's Daughter has made it a sweet treat for your hair!  MORE