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March 5 2015, 8:51AM CST

4 Ways To Brighten Your Smile—On Any Budget

Teeth-whitening (or bleaching) treatments are available to satisfy every budget, time frame and temperament. Whether you want to go for the one-hour bleaching sessions at your dentist's office or use an at-home bleaching kit purchased at your local Target or Walgreens, their are teeth-whitening solutions abound.  MORE

March 3 2015, 8:33AM CST

Artist Creates Naturally Beautiful Little Girls in Drawing

This month, we're celebrating influential women! Meet artist Keturah Ariel, who chatted with TM.com about her project that celebrates the idea that black girls come in all shades...  MORE

March 2 2015, 9:47AM CST

Free Your Skin

Stop smothering your skin with heavy, artificial Mineral Oil, so your skin can breathe freely.  MORE

February 27 2015, 9:42AM CST

DIY Friday: Organic Face Mask, Face Scrub and Lip Scrub

Three tried-and-true all-natural DIY recipes for skin care. Perfect for these harsh winter months, too!  MORE

February 26 2015, 10:20AM CST

5 Reasons You Should Think About Wiggin’ Out

Ten, even five years ago, many women would have never considered a wig, out of fear of donning the super-faux hair look, but in 2015 wigs have come a long way since your grandmother’s curly cropped afro wig.  MORE

February 24 2015, 10:01AM CST

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy Under Wigs & Beyond

If you’re a regular weaves or wig wearer, not being able to scratch or cleanse my scalp as much as you would like can turn into a problem. While the scalp is often overlooked, nothing says unhealthy hair more than having a scalp that isn’t properly cared for.  MORE