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April 15 2015, 8:58AM CST

Bring On The Fun For Spring

If you’re ready to embrace the new season with some changes that will reenergize you, check out the tips below!  MORE

April 13 2015, 10:20AM CST

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Kitchen

It’s important that we stock up on foods that do our body right, and let go of foods that don’t offer much nutritional benefit.  MORE

April 10 2015, 9:35AM CST

3 Tips for Struggle-Free Kids Haircare

Kids hate getting their hair washed, and parents don’t think it’s all that great either, thanks to all the fighting to get through those knots and tangles. Try these 3 secrets to cut detangling time—and the struggle—in half!  MORE

April 8 2015, 8:35AM CST

Got Beach Fever? Spring Somewhere Beautiful...

5 beaches that have their own unique charm and are worth visiting!  MORE

April 7 2015, 9:11AM CST

Spring Hairspiration: 5 Traditional African Hairstyles

One of the most beautiful and advantageous aspects of wearing our hair in its natural state are the endless possibilities for styling. Here are 5 traditional African Hairstyles that would be great to see strutting down the sidewalks of today.  MORE

April 6 2015, 10:54AM CST

Ingredients To Stay Clean & Clear Of...

Hair products that include ingredients like sulfates and parabens have become a big no-no, with little information disclosed on exactly why it’s so bad. Here's why.  MORE