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September 30 2014, 9:18AM CST

Must-Have Products for Jet-Setters

For all my wanderlusts out there, here are some must-haves for your travel life.  MORE

September 29 2014, 10:03AM CST

#HairBloggerProblems: 5 Reasons Bloggin' Ain't Easy

The natural hair blogging scene has seen an explosion over the past couple years, resulting in a whole new landscape of websites, forums, meet-ups, hair shows, videos, parties, cruises and more! What one sees on the surface is a polished image of perfected twist-outs and glamorous goodie bags. The truth is, however, that bloggin’ ain’t easy.  MORE

September 26 2014, 7:40AM CST

Nakeya Brown: Visualizing Black Beauty

Photographer Nakeya Brown’s series “The Refutation of ‘Good Hair’” is a sly, compelling visual conceptualization of “good hair” that forces the viewer to consider the ludicrousness of the divisive phrase – the starkly presented portraits include black women literally eating Kanekalon and hair wrapped around a fork in an otherwise standard place setting.  MORE

September 24 2014, 9:28AM CST

Five Steps To Flatten Your Stomach In 2 Weeks

Although we live in the time when waist cinchers reign supreme, and everyone would rather just go out and buy a garment to make sure they stay snatched—not everyone wants to feel physically restricted in the name of flatter belly.  MORE

September 23 2014, 8:18AM CST

How to Maintain Curl Moisture & Second-Day Hair!

If you’re ready to move past the first-day hair hump and get to the second-day hair your curls deserve, follow these steps.  MORE

September 22 2014, 10:06AM CST

The Perfect Brow Lift: Thread or Wax?

Just about every woman has their own eyebrow maintenance routine, but with so many options, like tweezing, waxing, threading, and shaving, when it comes to achieving the perfectly shaped brow, which method is best?  MORE