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FEATURES Jul 3 2013 6:40PM

INDEPENDENCE DAY: Reclaiming Your Personal Freedom

by Shirley Johnson
Wholistic Lifestylist + Healer, Soulistic Wellness

Every year, Americans around the country celebrate Independence Day.  Independence Day was not a day where every person on American soil truly gained freedom, but it has come to mark a day in which we honor the freedoms that have been gained and the struggle to continue to be free.

What does it mean to you to be free?

Freedom is beyond what your physical body is allowed to do, and in fact I would say so much of freedom is about allowing your mind and imagination to be limitless.  Much of the situations we find ourselves in our lives are a reflection of what our minds believe about life.  So when we grow up around people who tell us that we have limited options in how to express ourselves, we tend to believe that.  If we think the world is the 10 block radius that we live in, that becomes our world, and we won’t be able to see the rest of the vastness that we live in.
This Independence Day, let us celebrate our personal Freedom to be who we are.  Here are 5 ways to cultivate and honor your personal freedom:

1)  Show your Natural Beauty:  Liberate your hair and your skin by letting yourself be free in your natural state.  Be free to love yourself and see your beauty in your natural state.
2)  Cut ties from Dysfunctional Relationships:  Free yourself from all realtionships – whether professional, platonic or romantic.  If this relationship is not serving you, or is limiting your ability to fully express yourself, let it go.
3)  Take some quiet time:  Quiet the mind with time at home or out in nature and journal about what freedom means for YOU.  What would it feel like when you feel free? 
4)  Do what YOU want to do:  If you have been dying to go see a new play or visit the beach, why wait for someone else to do it.  Go do it alone! Enjoy your company!
5) Turn the TV off:  Americans watch a lot of TV, and sometimes TV can be a way to watch someone else’s live and not live your own.  Make a practice of spending time without watching all forms of television shows.  Instead go out, and live your dream.
Fully expressing ourselves is not only our birthright, but it is also our responsibility. We are each here on purpose to be exactly who we are. We are not here just to copy and try to be a certain "way", we are here to embrace the beautiful existence that we are right now.

May you continue to allow yourself to shine and share that brightness!

One Love,


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