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  • Video: How to Get Soft Waves Using Monoi Oil VIDEO


    Erica loves straight hair that has a little volume to it, but her problem is the daily damage she puts on her hair, due to a keratin treatment and heat damage, to get this look. After discovering our Monoi Oil Sacred Strengthening Serum , her hair can still get stronger and grow longer—no matter what she does to it. With our Monoi Oil Serum , she prevents daily damage. Plus she can use the serum as a hair breakage treatment or a styling aid. This magical oil can help style your hair from the everyday slick ponytail into a camera-ready curly updo. Watch as Erica uses the Monoi Oil along with our Macadamia Heat Setting Foam to create soft, flowy waves. It's truly your secret weapon to versatility.??

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    How-to roller-set
    Stop hair breakage
    Prevent hair damage
    Healthier hair
    Stronger hair
    Soft waves
    Silicone free