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FEATURES Jun 10 2013 7:55AM

How to Create a Summer Hair Routine That Works!

by Precious Henshaw of Precious-Curls.com
During the summer months, it is hot, dry, and humid, and this can take quite a toll on your hair! Summer hair care involves ways to both protect your tresses from the heat and keep frizz at a minimum. Just like during the winter, the hair may need some extra treatment or a change in routine during the summer to keep it from drying out from the heat or swelling up from humidity. Here are some things you may need to change or add to your routine if your hair isn’t feeling quite right during the summer.
How Often You Wash/Shampoo
Many naturals wash their hair a little less frequently during the cold months to keep their hair from drying out. However, the heat can have your scalp sweating a little more than usual, and this might mean that you need to clean it more often.
I find that I don’t need to use very thick products like Shea butter during the summer, as it tends to weigh my hair down and melt slightly so that it makes my hair look greasy. I simply use my staple product to moisturize, and I usually don’t need to additionally seal it in with a butter since it already contains some oils in its ingredients. If I do want to seal, I try using a very light sealant like coconut oil.
I go light on the moisturizers during the summer. I use lighter products with thinner consistencies. They make my hair feel less weighed down and keep it looking nice and fluffy.
Outdoor Protection
Protect your hair in the summer by wearing hats or bonnets. Even if the air is somewhat humid, the heat from the sun can still scorch your locks because moisture will want to evaporate more quickly in heat. Protect your hair by keeping it covered.
If you would rather not cover your hair, try rocking some protective styles. Protective styles will keep your strands from summer heat damage. You can wear your hair in braids, twists, buns, or updos!
Avoid styling your hair using products with humectants like glycerin, because they draw moisture into the hair and can make your style swell up in high humidity! Use a little bit of gel along with your styling products for extra hold.
If you swim in chlorinated water a lot during the summer, be sure to wet your hair and give it a nice dose of conditioner before entering the pool. The water and conditioner will saturate your hair so that very little chlorinated water can be absorbed. After you come out of the pool, be sure to wash your hair thoroughly, as leaving just a little bit of chlorine in your hair can really dry it out. Wear a swim cap for even more protection.
Moisture and Protein Balance
It’s important to maintain a good moisture and protein balance for your hair all year round, but if you haven’t ever paid too much attention to how much protein your hair has, summer is a good time to start. A protein treatment will help strengthen the structure of the hair, filling in the cuticle’s “holes” to make the hair less porous. Doing a protein treatment can make the hair retain moisture better, preventing the moisture in the hair from evaporating too quickly in the summer heat.
Extra Moisture on the Ends
Don’t forget to put some extra moisture on the ends of your hair! This is the part of the hair that tends to dry out the fastest.
Drink Water
Drink plenty of water to keep both your hair and your body hydrated. If your body is in need of water, your hair will soon show it!
How do you care for your hair in the summer?


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