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  • Video: How Monoi Oil Works Miracles On All Hair Types


    Melissa Melmphs has been using our Monoi Oil Sacred Strengthening Serum for a while and wanted to let you in on the amazing secrets behind it. She loves to color, blow-out and heat style her hair, and this serum is the best product for her hair or any hair—no matter what you do to it. Not only does our Monoi Oil make her hair stronger, but it doesn’t weigh it down like the other hair oils she lists (Moroccan Oil being one). Although she does everything she possibly can do to damage her hair, it’s still shiny, healthy and beautiful. You too can have stronger, longer, indestructible hair with our amazing Monoi Oil that repairs, strengthens and shines all hair types.

    Watch Now For:

    Hair strength
    Stop hair breakage
    Prevent hair damage
    Healthier hair
    Stronger hair
    Silicone Free