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FEATURES Oct 12 2013 10:22PM

Get Into It: A Protective Style Challenge For Everyone

by Mojo of NaturalHairMojo.com

Fall is finally upon us! As the days get shorter and the air gets cooler, many naturalistas will begin to gravitate towards buns, braided updos and mini-twists. While this is simply a matter of style for some ladies, others find it a good way to recover from chlorine and/or color damage, baby their ends from frequent wash and go styles, or simply let their hair grow longer without much interference from daily styling. A protective style (PS) challenge can be a great way to accomplish any of these goals, and with a few easy-to-set guidelines, you can start one whenever you'd like!
1 -- Build your hairstyle arsenal

New and veteran naturals alike may have those days where we just feel there is NOTHING we can do to our hair. While it is completely up to you what kind and how many styles you try during a self-imposed PS challenge, you are more likely to experiment with techniques such as braiding, twisting, and pinning. For me, going on a PS challenge taught me how to use kanekalon and Marley hair for braids and twists with extensions, a skill that has proven valuable throughout the course of my hair journey!

2 -- Have more "lazy hair days"

There is nothing worse than having the perfect twistout or braidout, then forgetting to put on a bonnet or head scarf and waking up to flat, tangled hair. Suddenly, you have to come up with a last-minute style in order to make it to work or school on time! While your selected hairstyle for the PS challenge may take more time to perfect upfront, you practically guarantee yourself less time spent on maintenance. When you are already pressed for time in the mornings, it can be refreshing to simply wake up, add a dab of leave-in moisturizer to your braids – or not, if you are a nighttime moisturizer – shake your hair and go!

3 -- Focus on growth

It is downright amazing to many new naturals how much healthier their natural hair is after they begin to transition to natural or after they big chop. However, many get frustrated when after a certain amount of time, they have not reached a length goal that they set. In most cases, low-manipulation styles can give you a break from daily or weekly detangling, combing/brushing, or cleansing and allow you to let your hair “rest”. It is essential to note the importance of keeping ANY hairstyle, protective or not, well-moisturized to prevent breakage and matting that may work against you!

Interested in trying braids as a protective style? Check out NaturalHairMojo.com/braids for some pointers on proper installation and maintenance.


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