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November 14 2014, 8:59AM CST

Actress Elise Neal Chats About Latest Hair Extension Line

We all know seasoned actress Elise Neal for her starring roles (The Hughleys, All of Us,) however, she shared some of that spotlight with her latest endeavor: her hair extension line.  MORE

November 13 2014, 9:00AM CST

Need Some Motivation? Get a Curlfriend

Here’s the secret to amazing natural hair. Friends matter. Going natural is a journey, and everyone needs a co-pilot. It’s even better when you have a few backseat drivers along for the ride.  MORE

November 12 2014, 8:37AM CST

Go (Somewhere) Natural: A Father’s Travel Peace

A father reflects on vacationing with his family and the peace of mind that travel brings.  MORE

November 11 2014, 9:23AM CST

Accessible Beauty: 5 Brands That Are Affordable & Convenient

Thanks to many brands making their products more accessible and affordable to the masses, being beautiful no longer has to break your bank account.  MORE

November 10 2014, 8:50AM CST

Time Management Hair Tips for Moms

Sometimes your hair can be just as demanding as work. Have no fear, Shanti from Around the Way Curls has the remedy! Check out her tips on how to manage your mane and the things in-between.  MORE

November 7 2014, 8:52AM CST

The Heat Is On...

When I wake up in the morning I raise the thermostat and I hear the click and rumble of the furnace, and I know the heat is on....  MORE

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