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June 19 2015, 8:14AM CST

Missing My Sister

When I saw the posts for Titi's birthday, I realized that this one still had me sad as I a shed a few tears looking at her face and that beautiful smile. Happy Belated Birthday, Titi. Know that Miko and your family love you and always will. Not just your immediate family, but your extended community of "sisters."  MORE

June 17 2015, 9:31AM CST

3 All-Natural Remedies For Thinning Edges

One of the biggest concerns we face would have to be the thinning of our fragile edges. Unfortunately, there’s no over-the-counter cream or regimen that will repair damage that has already been done. The most we can do is avoid common pitfalls, such as styles that are too tight and stressful on the edges  MORE

June 15 2015, 8:32AM CST

Chef Roblé Shares His Summer Recipes With Us

Celebrity Chef Roblé chatted with us about some of his favorite outdoor recipes to throw on the grill. Try these out today before the summer is officially over!  MORE

June 10 2015, 11:51AM CST

Hot Summer Trends You Should Try

Looking for a few sure fire ways to heat up your summer wardrobe? Adrienne Brown sheds some light on the latest trends!  MORE

June 10 2015, 11:49AM CST

Dos & Don’ts For Coloring Hair

I started coloring my hair, without Mom’s approval (I mean, if I can’t have straight, silky, permed hair … I’m doing SOMETHING) with Sun-In during my early teens. I figured if the sun naturally makes my “baby hairs” and the top layer of my hair golden, Sun-In should only accelerate that. WRONG … DEAD wrong.  MORE

June 8 2015, 8:35AM CST

Changing The Beauty Biz, One Curl At A Time...

Carol's Daughter Founder Lisa Price sat with Refinery 29 to talk about making products that serve unmet, traditionally ignored needs in hair, makeup, and skin care.  MORE

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