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July 17 2015, 8:05AM CST

How To Wear Bright Makeup For The Summer

Got your perfect outfit picked out? Let us help you with your makeup.  MORE

July 15 2015, 9:21AM CST

Spice Up Your Life

Wendy of Food Heaven Made Easy dishes on four research-backed spices that have been shown to promote health, as well as different ways you can incorporate them into your cooking!  MORE

July 14 2015, 9:15AM CST

6 Hot Nail Color Combos for Your Tips & Toes

The best thing about beauty is that there are no rules! And that sentiment couldn’t ring truer than with nail polish! Try some of these popping colors for summertime.  MORE

July 13 2015, 8:45AM CST

Celebrity Stylist Takisha Gives Expert Advice On Pressing Hair Issues

Appropriately nicknamed a “hair goddess” by big-screen beauty Kerry Washington, Takisha Sturdivant-Drew has been in the business of hair for well more than a decade. Her hairstyles have glided through the pages of Ebony, Elle, InStyle, Marie Claire, and Vanity Fair just to name a few. We conversed with her about the oldie but goodie press and curl.  MORE

July 8 2015, 11:33PM CST

Sunglasses for Every Face Shape!

In the market for a new pair of shades? Before you buy your next pair, check out this guide to finding a set for your face shape. Danielle Gray of Style and Beauty Doctor recommends summertime sunglasses.  MORE

July 3 2015, 11:13AM CST

Top 3 Places To Celebrate America's Birthday!

It’s Fourth of July weekend! A time to celebrate America’s Independence. Here are the Top 3 places to see some of the best Fireworks in America! Hope you have a beautiful celebration!  MORE

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