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January 22 2015, 10:57AM CST

9 Buttons Women Should Avoid Pushing

Some words and actions do irreversible damage, and may have you finding yourself by yourself. Don’t go there. Here are 9 buttons women should never ever, ever, ever push in a relationship...  MORE

January 21 2015, 8:56AM CST

How to Ensure Healthy Hair

We all face dry ends from time to time. Dry ends are just a symptom of a habit (or lack thereof) that needs to be modified. As the cooler weather quickly advances, I wanted to provide some tips to bringing some moisture back to your strands.  MORE

January 20 2015, 8:49AM CST

How to Make Hair Coloring & Chemical Processing Work—Plus What NOT to Do

If you are still relaxing your hair and you aren’t ready to transition yet, AND you like to color your hair, I have some tips that will keep you from making that mistake too.  MORE

January 19 2015, 8:59AM CST

Our Favorite Natural Hair Celebrity Men

With all the talk about transitioning, finding the right products and perfecting our twist-outs, we get so wrapped up (literally) in our own hair that sometimes we don’t include the natural-haired men in our lives. Danielle Gray of Style and Beauty Doctor takes time to celebrate some of our favorite celebrity men rocking twists, locs and ’fros…  MORE

January 15 2015, 5:18PM CST

Winter Workout Apps, Videos & Other Fun

When it's too cold to get to the gym, here are three other options...  MORE

January 14 2015, 9:11AM CST

Free Your Skin

Stop smothering your skin with heavy, artificial Mineral Oil, so your skin can breathe freely.  MORE

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