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November 2 2015, 8:45AM CST

Lisa Gives A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The New Combing Cremes!

Lisa tells the how, when and why…you’ll love these amazing, new detangling cremes! Think BB creams for your hair. They are that perfect prep before you style!  MORE

October 29 2015, 9:53AM CST

3 More Things To Love About Pumpkins

Here are a few picks for fresh fall produce that you can incorporate into your diet for good health and flavor.  MORE

October 26 2015, 3:40PM CST

Everything You Need To Know About 'Combing' Cremes

These new ultimate detanglers are all the rage, thanks to Carol’s Daughter Founder Lisa Price, who discovered them in Brazil.  MORE

October 23 2015, 2:23PM CST

Brazil's Creme De La Creme

Introducing a new way to prep your hair for styling! It was discovered in Brazil and brought to you with love!  MORE

October 23 2015, 9:16AM CST

Don’t Neglect the Tress: Hair Care Under a Wig or Weave

Get yourself a new hair 'do by rocking a wig. Or get some hair installed for a sew in. No problem! Go for it and rock it well! Where many fall is actually in the care of their real hair underneath. Here are some great tips help you avoid neglecting your beautiful loss.  MORE

October 21 2015, 9:42AM CST

5 At-Home Moves For A Tight, Toned Butt

Aren’t we always looking for a simple, fast sequence of moves that will lift and tone our butt, hips and thighs? FIT RIO’s Lindy Nowak in New York City has changed the way we think about strengthening key areas.  MORE

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