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October 15 2014, 8:58AM CST

Who Wants A Perfect Love Anyway?

At some point logic should hit us so we come to the realization that trying to find someone “perfect,” isn’t really possible.  MORE

October 14 2014, 8:25AM CST

10-Step Program for Product Junkies

Going natural does not have to mean, “going broke.” Here are some tips to keep your wallet and your hair happy.  MORE

October 13 2014, 8:43AM CST

Healthy Hair Trends For Fall

Five fall hair tips that will keep your hair healthy.  MORE

October 10 2014, 11:54AM CST

The Love Story Behind 53 Years of Carol's Sister's Marriage

Sylvia (Aunt Syl), Carol's sister, has been married to Robert (Uncle Robbie) for 53 years as of this week. Fifty-three years! Such a rare thing these days.  MORE

October 8 2014, 9:12AM CST

Fall in Love With Açai Before Winter Gets Under Your Skin

It's time to get our thin-skinned faces ready for "dry spells," the dreaded time of the year when temperatures drop, humidity levels plunge, and dry air can wreak havoc and leave our skin parched.  MORE

October 7 2014, 8:23AM CST

Skin Care Tips for the Co-Washing Newbie

Breaking away from harsh shampoos and getting the best of both worlds in terms of cleansing and moisture is what most natural hair heads crave. But with every new technique comes a price, so if you are a co-washing newbie in need of help on how to keep your skin clean and free of unsightly bumps and irritations, here are a few tips!  MORE

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