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December 11 2014, 9:57AM CST

Are You A Social Media Stalker?

The worse thing about social networking stalking is that many are in denial that they are doing so. While it shouldn’t be happening, many of us won't admit to our stalking tendencies or even believe they are guilty of it. Just in case that’s you, here are 10 ways to determine if you’re a social networking stalker...  MORE

December 10 2014, 9:59AM CST

5 Natural Tips To Stay Healthy This Winter

Here are some all-natural tips to keep healthy this winter season so that you can do all the things you enjoy and stay on the track of health and wellness!  MORE

December 9 2014, 9:03AM CST

Winter Bedtime Routines for Lasting Curls

SIX quick and easy bedtime tips that protect your tresses during the winter months; as you nurture your hair with Carol’s Daughter Hair Care Collections to maintain your free-style curls, protective styles, textured sets and transitioning styles...  MORE

December 8 2014, 11:38AM CST

Is It Time To “Spin” Into The New Year?

Now that the trendy fitness craze over spinning has died down, it’s a good time to really see if we should really believe the hype. You should—and here's 6 reasons why!  MORE

December 5 2014, 8:19AM CST

How I Keep My Curls Moisturized In The Cold, Winter Months

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisturizing Collection, now at Target, is a tried and true favorite for nourishing dry hair.  MORE

December 3 2014, 8:19AM CST

How To Do It Up Healthy At Your Holiday Party

For your next holiday party, switch things up a bit and get your close ones excited about eating delicious and healthy foods. This will be a great way to start getting people thinking about their health-related new year’s resolutions, and they might even thank you in the long run.  MORE

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