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April 1 2015, 11:01AM CST

10-Step Program for Product Junkies

Going natural does not have to mean, “going broke.” Here are some tips to keep your wallet and your hair happy.  MORE

March 31 2015, 8:20AM CST

Spring Break Packing Perfection: What to Pack, What to Leave

I love traveling! I love packing my bright bathing suits and all my fun accessories. As my dear Auntie DiAnne reminds me, “Travel light, travel far.” If you are anything like me, you are often tempted to over pack, and bring your whole closet and makeup bag, even though you won’t use half of the things in it. The art of packing is about packing light but always having everything you need.  MORE

March 30 2015, 10:36AM CST

Still Scared Of The Big Chop? 6 Reasons To Do It

While the wave of the big chop started years ago for most natural hair wearers, some of us were hesitant or not yet ready to jump on the big chop bandwagon.  MORE

March 26 2015, 9:07AM CST

Tips on Coil & Potty Training

One of the toughest times in parenting is training your child to use the potty—just like one of the toughest times in transitioning is training your new growth to act right! Both take time, patience and a whole lot of trial and error.  MORE

March 25 2015, 9:58AM CST

5 Rules To Make Sure You Stay In The Gym

Since March is nearing its end, many of us marched out the gym mid February, trying to figure out how to stay committed to all the gym promises we made...  MORE

March 24 2015, 8:57AM CST

Got Dry Hair? Try Oil Rinsing!

The answer to chronic dry hair isn’t simple. It’s subjective, but there’s a step you can experiment with in your wash regimen. It’s called oil rinsing.  MORE

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