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January 27 2015, 8:27AM CST

The Time It Took an Entire Bottle of Olive Oil and Nearly a Whole Day to Detangle My Hair

YouTube came to the rescue when it came time to untangle my hair after taking my braids out. Well, that, plus a whole bottle of olive oil and hours upon hours—upon hours—of work.  MORE

January 26 2015, 8:53AM CST

Yaritza Reyes: A Curly Miss Universe 2013?

Yaritza Reyes was chosen from a total of 31 beauties to represent the Dominican Republic in the Miss Universe pageant. Transitioning Movement interviewed her about the pageant and her hair regimen. Read more about the natural-haired beauty here!  MORE

January 23 2015, 10:29AM CST

Q&A with Aevin Dugas—World’s Largest Afro

Normally when you think of the Guinness World Records, hair isn't the first category that comes to mind- did you know there is a record for the most t-shirts ever worn? Well, Aevin Dugas would have some difficulty fitting into 155 of them, because she is: the woman with the world's largest afro.  MORE

January 22 2015, 10:57AM CST

9 Buttons Women Should Avoid Pushing

Some words and actions do irreversible damage, and may have you finding yourself by yourself. Don’t go there. Here are 9 buttons women should never ever, ever, ever push in a relationship...  MORE

January 21 2015, 8:56AM CST

How to Ensure Healthy Hair

We all face dry ends from time to time. Dry ends are just a symptom of a habit (or lack thereof) that needs to be modified. As the cooler weather quickly advances, I wanted to provide some tips to bringing some moisture back to your strands.  MORE

January 20 2015, 8:49AM CST

How to Make Hair Coloring & Chemical Processing Work—Plus What NOT to Do

If you are still relaxing your hair and you aren’t ready to transition yet, AND you like to color your hair, I have some tips that will keep you from making that mistake too.  MORE

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