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FEATURES Mar 20 2013 4:16PM

Carnelia's Hilarious Experience with Castor Oil

I’ve been doing a castor oil challenge for a few months now. During this challenge I have to apply castor oil on my scalp however many times I choose to during the week. While on this challenge I have made it my duty to apply the castor oil on daily! The reason for this challenge was to make my hair grow faster and to keep the hair sealed. But boy this came with embarrassment.

My first and worst embarrassing moment on this journey came when I was shopping in the grocery store. I was in line and this really nice looking man started talking to me and flirting, asking how my morning was going, we were having a great conversation! Then I noticed his eyes kind of look up, but I didn’t pay it any mind. I just thought he was looking at my great twist-out I did the day before. But then he stops in dead conversation to tell me I had something on my forehead. As I got out my phone to check to see what he was talking about, I quickly noticed that it was that damn castor oil sliding down my forehead! Before I left the house that morning rushing, I clearly forgot to rub the oil in my scalp good. Needless to say he didn't give me a number and the conversation was cut short.

While using the castor oil, I have had a few embarrassing moments using this stuff! All of it was due to me rushing and not rubbing the oil in my scalp or just applying too much. You would think the second or the third time I would’ve learned my lesson. I also find it embarrassing when going to the doctor’s office and they have that white thin paper draping over the exam chair; and then it comes that moment when you have to get up and you see this BIG oil stain on that white paper! The only thing that comes to mind is the movie Coming to America. To save myself the embarrassment I would remove the paper myself and put it in the trash. I didn’t want to think I would be the talk of the day when I left. 
But however, I will continue to do my daily routine to keep my hair moisturized and take those small embarrassing moments from time to time. As long as I got healthy hair, I’m going to let my SOUL GLO! ???
Mary’s Daughter


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