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FEATURES Apr 16 2013 8:55PM
Carnelia, pre and post relaxer.

Carnelia Looks Back and Loves Being Natural

 It’s been a year since that exciting call from September of Carol’s Daughter, and boy what a great year it has been.  I entered the Transition Me Beautiful contest because I needed that extra push for me to continue to go natural. I would always tell a friend I was going natural which only lasted  a few months and I would go right back to a relaxer. But this time it was different, I knew if I was doing something extra and that I had people that would help me that I would start my journey. Never in a million years would I have thought I would win, but I was one lucky girl last April. In December 2011 after receiving that awful haircut, I decided in January I would use one more relaxer to smooth down my edges, this would be the last time I mixed up a 3 dollar relaxer.

It's 2013 and I'm all NATURAL and loving it! This journey has been the best. I have found many hairstyles to fit my personality. I have noticed that I really enjoy doing the funky look with my twist. This natural look makes me feel like a whole new person! Since the beginning of my journey I have ask myself, why I didn’t do this years ago. I guess in my mind it was going to be time consuming and harder to take care of but I was dead wrong, taken care of my natural hair is so easy. I love the fact of not having to comb my hair every day, getting up in the morning and pulling my night cap off and going about my business. Throughout this year I have enjoyed every embarrassing and funny hair moment from putting too much oil to a bad dry looking twist out to not getting a sexy man’s number do to my hair but it was all worth it LOL!

I want to send a BIG THANK YOU to the Carol's Daughter team and my new curlfriends! Thanks Billi for answering all my Facebook messages, you ROCK! Love you guys. You have made this past year a dream. As soon as I stepped off the plane last April until now it has been full of excitement. From using the CD line of products to monthly Skype sessions with Diane, this was such a great opportunity to learn from the best and using wonderful products made from the one and only Lisa Price. This may be my last TM entry but I can’t wait to give you all updates on my continued hair journey cause my Hair Milk collection is going to keep this hair fabulous and on point.


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