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October 30 2013, 12:15PM CST

A Simple Retro Protective Style

I love retro hairstyles and fashion, especially from the 40’s and 50’s. Although many sisters straightened their hair back then, there were plenty who rocked cute and sexy styles with their natural hair. This one is so easy, I swear I wore my hair like this almost every day last summer!  MORE

October 29 2013, 2:01PM CST

Where Do I Start? Top 5 Hair Locking Methods

You’ve thought about locking you hair more than a million times. You’ve watched all the Youtube videos and pinned over a dozen locked-hairstyle pictures. You’re finally ready, but where do you start?  MORE

October 28 2013, 10:20PM CST

2 Easy Side Curl Styles on Natural Hair

Looking for a cute, quick side swept style? Look no further!  MORE

October 28 2013, 9:21AM CST

8 Simple Styles for Box Braids

Box braids are a very common protective style choice for naturals because they are convenient and stylish. They require little maintenance and suit a many women. In the two videos, I showcase eight ways creative and trendy ways you can style your box braids.  MORE

October 13 2013, 10:23PM CST

Blow Drying Without Heat!

Seamlessly go from a twist out, curlformer set, roller set, or even flexirod set in under an hour, without using ANY heat!  MORE

October 11 2013, 8:56AM CST

Beauty Sleep For Your Hair

Want to know the secret to great curls all day? It’s how you take care of them overnight.  MORE