See below for Long Grow Out hair hurdles and tips.
You’ll notice a lot of breakage throughout your transitioning journey, more than other routes since you’ll be applying heat to style your hair straight. The further you get, the more breakage you’ll notice since you’ll be continually applying more stress to your already weakened hair.
SOLUTION: Learn to style your hair straight without lots of high heat. You’ll need to treat your hair with extra care and try techniques that put a lot less stress on your strands. Try setting your hair on rollers and going under a hood dryer, but lower the heat and sit a little longer. Also, you can try a wrap foam and use the “doobie” method, again sitting under a hood dryer or overnight. See your stylist or checkout for tips to master these styling techniques. We recommend MACADAMIA HEAT PROTECTION SERUM or MACADAMIA HEAT SETTING FOAM.
Detangling can be extremely difficult. When you get a few inches of your curly hair and still have relaxed hair, those two textures actually tangle more easily.This can lead to extra breakage and shedding when washing and styling your hair.
SOLUTION: Learn the tricks to easy detangling and never forget them. You need to moisturize more than you ever have before, this will make your hair softer so it’s more manageable and won’t tangle as much. Moisturize daily, whether you’re shampooing and following with a hair mask or just spritzing on a leave-in conditioner, you need to keep hair as hydrated as possible.
Always detangle your hair in sections, when wet and saturated with a cream conditioner. This will let hair easily slide out of knots. But, always detangle first with your fingers, then with a wide-tooth comb from the ends to the root. We recommend the OLIVE OIL INFUSION KIT.
The longer your grow out goes, the more breakage you will see on your ends. The closer you get to cutting out the last of your relaxer, the more time the line of demarcation (the point where your new natural hair meets the old relaxed hair) has to become more brittle from the straight styling.
SOLUTION: You won’t want to do it, but you’ll need to trim your hair regularly. The more length you leave past the line of demarcation, the faster it will break from all of the weight, so regular trims must happen. Give yourself a monthly goal of how long your hair should get. When you meet that goal, treat yourself to something and go get a trim. That way, you give up a little hair, but get something too!