See below for Protective Styling hair hurdles and tips.
Damaging hair can still be a problem with protective styling. Many women tryto go from one style to another too frequently, so they end up styling their hairin new looks too often, so they still have problems with breakage, split ends and shedding.
SOLUTION: Do your research and find a protective style that you’ll be happy to wear for 6-8 weeks. Flat braids one month, two-strand twists the next, then try some extensions, and always use a deeply moisturizing hair oil that can also strengthen your hair. Whatever you do, the longer you stick with one style, the less breakage you’ll see. We recommend TUI HAIR OIL or LISA’S HAIR ELIXIR.
Your scalp will feel dry and itchy since you’re not washing as often, mostly in between each of your protective styles. But, you’re afraid to add too much moisture since your roots and the rest of your hair will get heavy, weighed down and greasy.
SOLUTION:Don’t be afraid to clarify and moisturize, and do it correctly. Since you’re not shampooing as often as you used to, you need to make sure you’re really cleansing your scalp, then moisturizing it on a daily basis. First, be sure to use a clarifying shampoo, like the one in this kit, to get all of the sebum and
product build-up off of your scalp. Most importantly, in between washing, moisturize your hair with a liquid leave-in conditioner, but look for something without silicones (they’ll weigh your hair down) and instead with lightweight conditioning ingredients like Pro-vitamin B5. You’ll be safe to use this any time your scalp feels itchy or dry. We recommend BLACK VANILLA MOISTURIZING LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER or TUI MOISTURIZING LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER.
The longer your grow out goes, the more breakage you will see on your ends. The closer you get to cutting out the last of your relaxer, the more time the line of demarcation (the point where your new natural hair meets the old relaxed hair) has to become more brittle from the straight styling.
SOLUTION: You won’t want to do it, but you’ll need to trim your hair regularly. The more length you leave past the line of demarcation, the faster it will break from all of the weight, so regular trims must happen. Give yourself a monthly goal of how long your hair should get. When you meet that goal, treat yourself to something and go get a trim. That way, you give up a little hair, but get something too!