See below for Long Grow Out hair hurdles and tips.
You can’t get your relaxed hair to hold a curl pattern. Damaged hair is not easy to style into a curly pattern, so you’ll need to find ways to really set curls into place.
SOLUTION: Two-strand twists, Bantu Knots and Curl Formers are all ways that you can get really great curls. These do require that you let them sit at least overnight, not just for an hour or two under the dryer. The longer you let them sit, the more they will freeze a curl pattern in place. See your stylist or checkout for how-to videos on mastering these styling techniques.
Detangling can be extemely difficult. When you get a few inches of your curly hair and still have relaxed hair, your hair actually tangles more easily. This can lead to extra breakage and shedding when washing and styling your hair. Tip: Our Olive Oil Infusion Kit is a super-detangling dream to help you with this.
SOLUTION: Learn the tricks to easy detangling and never forget them. You need to moisturize more than you ever have before, this will make your hair softer so it’s more manageable and won’t tangle as much. Moisturize daily, whether you’re shampooing and following with a hair mask or just spritzing on a leave-in conditioner, you need to keep hair as hydrated as possible.
Always detangle your hair in sections, when wet and saturated with a cream conditioner. This will let hair easily slide out of knots. But, always detangle first with your fingers, then with a wide-tooth comb from the ends to the root. We recommend the OLIVE OIL INFUSION KIT.
No matter what you seem to try, your hair still feels dry. This happens to a lot of women since the relaxed hair loses moisture much easier and quicker than unrelaxed hair, so you need to find a way to replenish it as much as possible. TIP: This kit’s gentle Low-Poo Cleanser is less stripping than normal shampoos and our Demarcation Treatment adds much-needed moisture to your dry tresses.
SOLUTION: Introduce yourself to the Co-Wash. Instead of using a shampoo, even if it’s sulfate-free, you want to take a daily conditioner and use it just like you would a shampoo. That’s right, work it into wet hair, massage it into your scalp and hair to break up product and dirt, then rinse it away. This cleanses your hair, but also puts more moisture into your hair than any shampoo could on its own.