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Chocolat Smoothing Conditioner
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Shaker heights, OH
Smells good enough to eat!
I adore this product. I bought the set to try it and fell in love! Not only does my hair get super straight, but it stays straighter longer. The smell is an added bonus! I always get compliments on how good my hair smells. I don't know what I would do with out Chocolat line!
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For curls too!
I am Caucasian with kinky, curly hair. I've been using CD trying to find the right combination to keep my curls & control my dry frizzies. I read all the reviews the ladies write & although I did not find one regarding using Chocolat while keeping ur curls I decided to give it a try. Lo & behold in on day two & I have almost no frizz while retaining my waves & ringlets!! I used only the conditioner, frizz is gone!! I hope this helps some of you out there that want to control frizz & keep ur natural curl. CD you must be doing something right to get me to write a review, keep it up!!
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Ultra genle on fragile 20 week post hair
first off this stuff smells ah-mazing!!! i seriously cannot get enough of the smell! i do agree with other reviewers that while this does not smell like a hershey's milk chocolate bar it still smells enough like the whole chocolate/hot cocoa idea to keep your chocolate fantasies alive while shampooing aha. my hair is 20 weeks post relaxer and as you can imagine its hard to achieve that perfect balance to keep both textures happy. the hair gods have seen my struggles apparently because this stuff is the most gentle shampoo i've ever used. its hardly easy to realize that i now enjoy shampooing my hair! probably because i know my hair will smell yummy the rest of the week. the bottom line is the shampoo makes my hair softer, stronger, smoother, and keeps it protected all while smelling delicious. 2 thumbs up
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I love it!!!!
I love this absolutely love it!!!!! I have thick wavy hair, it is very hard to control it without using the right products. I have try so many different things to try to work with my hair and sadly non have really help me out. i live deep down south and the weather doesn't really help much either... Since i have try soo many different things for my hair and all of them have been unsuccessful i decide to try this product out . My hair is great now, its smooth, shiny and easy to manage. Based on my personal experience i believe that is a great choice for anybody with the same type of hair than me. Its a great!!!!
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Elk Grove, CA
Now That is What I am Talking About
I decided to go natural a while ago, but basically I just stopped perming my hair and started dying it. I love the color but it seemed like no matter what I did I could not get moisture into my hair. I tried moisturizers, coconut oil, olive oil, and shea butter, but my hair was not holding the moisture in. Every time I touched my hair it felt like the oil was coming off on my hands, like it never penetrated my hair and my hair was never soft. So I decided I needed to do some research, and my results from that were useless everyone said you need to do what is best for your hair. How was that supposed to help when all I even knew to do to my hair was relax it and at that time my hair was healthy it just wasn't growing. Finally I stumbled across someone talking about Carol's Daughter products. I checked out the website and decided to give it a try I ordered a couple different things starting with the shampoo that coordinates with this conditioner. So last night I did my prepoo with Lisa's Hair Elixir and some shea butter. I woke up this morning and my hair was so soft, I started to get happy. After rinsing my hair and using the shampoo I was a believer. My curls were so defined and soft and that was just the shampoo. I did a protein reconstructor (because the coloring has been hard on my hair) before I used the conditioner which was on my hair while I was writing the review for the shampoo. That's right I loved the shampoo so much I was posting while I was conditioning my hair. The conditioner was even better than the shampoo, my curls have never looked this good. Thank you Carol's Daughter I love your products. I am so glad to have found them, I did not want to start relaxing my hair again and now I don't have too.
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Kiara Hughey
I absolutely love it!
I work at Ulta and normally use the Coppola line as shampoo and conditioner, but I was intrigued by the fact both Chocolat Shampoo and Conditioner had thermal protection. The only issue I have had thus far is with the packaging, I simply do not care for the way it opens and closes. However, my hair went from tight ringlet girls [approx 2.5 curls an inch!] to extremely straight and felt more moisturized than normal, and that was only after the blow dry! I havent had a relaxer since January of 2011 so it is important that my hair be straight, moisturized, shiny, humidity resistant, and healthy. Chocolat seems to do the trick. I noticed in another review someone said the smell was too strong, but personally I love that the smell is so strong because it is only necessary for me to wash my hair once or twice a week and the fragrance lasts.
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I am in love!!!
I love this product set it is just amazing!!! I do not straighten my hair so I just used the shampoo and conditioner. OMG what an amazing job it has done to my hair. My hair so thanks carolsdaughter for making this product. I was bombed when Rhoret Amen was discontinued so I began to search everywhere for good products and STILL could not find a product line my hair was satisfied with. Then I came to the website and Chocolat was the new hair product set so I bought it and I AM HOOKED FOR LIFE!!!! My hair is smoother/healthier and it black natural color is glowing. I get so much compliments on my hair daily. Thanx Carolsdaughter truly a blessing.
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Philadelphia, PA
I have a love hate relationship with this product
When I read about this product I was really excited. I went natural about 2 years ago. But I always wear my hair straight. Im not ready to embrace my natural curl yet. Most natural products are designed for you to wear your hair curly. Anyway , when I found this line I thought someone finally made a product for girls like me. Since I've been natural I've done away with products that contain sulfate and this product fit the bill for that also. The smell to me is a little too strong and it smells like cologne. I can get over that though. I love the product because it does get your hair really smooth and soft. Which is what I want. I don't love the product because it seems a bit drying. Even though my hair was straight, it felt dry and brittle, which I don't like. I'm going to give myself a deep conditioning and try the product again, hopefully this time I'll love it. If not sorry to say, I'll be back to using miss Jessie's
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close but no cigar
As a transitioner, I thought this would be a great product for me. I got the entire Chocolat line. The shampoo was thick, so I assumed the conditioner would be thicker with much needed slip. NOPE! I actually got more breakage than usual with this product. I won't be re-purchasing this line.
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New York, NY
Try it, you'll love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would give it a 20 out of 10! My hair feels so much smoother when it's wet. It never feels this good and moisturized.
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lisa stanley
montgomery, AL
really moisturizing
I love the way this feels in my hair. I can feel the moisture and slip immediately. Great for detangling and love the scent!
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dallas, TX
Got my package last week and tried it over the weekend.....i have tried so many and been so disappointed......but i gotta keep trying and i must say this was the single best product i have seen which didn"d dry out my hair yet made it soft and smooth....plus with the blow dry cream...i used a very little bit....kept it straight for almost 4 days....i'm coming back!!!!!!
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Chocolat Conditioner
I just purchased this conditioner, and it is wonderful. The smell is absolutely fantastic and it made by thick, curly hair soft, straight and manageable. I absolutely love this product.
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New York, NY
Nice conditioner, could be thicker
I bought the set of this - conditioner with shampoo and blow-dry cream. With the shampoo being as thick as it is, you'd expect the conditioner to be even thicker and creamier - especially given that it's supposed to be a heat protectant line. However, it wasn't much thicker than a normal conditioner (and certainly not as nice as CD's smoothies), and I didn't get that "omg so soft" feeling I get when I normally slather conditioner on my hair. After I completed the regimen (cream, blow-drying, flat ironing) my hair felt dry and a little brittle to the touch, and I had far more breakage than I normally do. However, I will say that my hair is smoother and has more body than it ever does when I blow-dry it myself at home. So I'm just going to have to use a treatment to replace the moisture that this set seems to take.
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