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Luxurious Hand and Foot Set
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uniondale, NY
The best stuff
this combo is really awesome, and don't let the name fool you you can use the hand cream on your feet and vice versa. They are small jars but you only need a little bit and I'm telling ya it's smooth smooth smooth. I use the cream daily and the butter once a week overnight.
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Janice J Peterson
Cincinnati, OH
retired Health information specialist
The Lemon and Rose hand cream, has really made a differents in my hands. Brightens and softens my hands just great I love this product. The foot cream also great I had very rough and thick dry skin on my heels but after using the whole jar I realize my feet were no longer rough, both products are the best I've ever used for such a great price, Thanks Carol
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Danielle hofer
Indianapolis, IN
Love it!
I am notnthe typical audience of this product as I am Caucasian, but a few of my friends recommended these products. I love them! It takes just a little bit to go a long way and soaks right into my skin within five minutes. My husband even loves the foot cream. My hands even felt moisturized after washing a few times. I do wish for this to be made in other fragrances for a variety. I'm now looking into body cream! I'm a Carol's Daughter girl now! Thank you for making such a great product even for us pale gals!
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Rosalind Davis
Norfolk, VA
So Glad I purchased this product
Over the years my hands became very dry even after putting on hand lotion and the skin on the bottom of my feet felt very hard even after a sea salt pedicure. But after applying the product to my hands and feet, I dont have that problem anymore. I use the product when I get out of the shower at night and I don't have to worry about my hands looking dry or rusty (as we call it) and the heel of my feet looks well moisturized.
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Great Set!
I just placed my second order for this wonderful set. The foot cream is my absolute favorite. After a shower or bath I saturate my feet with this wonderful cream and then slip on a pair socks for 10 - 15 minute...instant pedicure!!! Thanks CD!!
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Cape Coral, FL
Love them both!
I use them after a shower and before bed. My hands used to get so dry after washing them that they hurt. I would have to put hand cream on after washing them. Now, just using this hand cream, my hands no longer get dried out after washing them. And it softens, especially the back of my hand. I use very little and it works. My feet were so dry that they would be white and rough. I tried other foot creams, but every night they would be dried out again. Not anymore. It doesn't get rid of calluses, but I can sure tell the difference. My feet aren't extremely soft, but the dryness is gone.
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