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A Magical Beauty Gift Set
Natural Hair Treats That Gently Cleanse, Condition And Detangle (value $30.00)
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Gaithersburg, MD
Amazing product
Amazing product and good price. I can finally wash my daughter's hair without fussing or crying. This was surely a good buy for my family...please make them in bigger sizes and DO NOT stop this line. This has been a step saver for me
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My daughter has very curly, dry, short, and brittle hair. It seems as if no matter what I try it won't grow. I received the product in the mail today and couldn't wait to try it in my daughters hair. When washing, the shampoo gave a rich milky lather, her hair took to it very well. The conditioning and detangling process were a breeze, the detangler works like magic! Not to mention it smells great. Prayerfully it will treat her hair to health by using it continually, in the event that it does, I will definitely be purchasing more!
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Orlando, FL
Not for my daughter
I brought the product when it first came out. I washed my daughter's hair with it twice and I did not see the difference. I cannot remember if I threw away or tried to return it. It really did not nothing for my daughter's hair. She has very manageable hair but has some dry areas and she needed more of a moisturizing shampoo and leaving in conditioner.
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Forest, MS
I read the reviews before ordering. After trying it on my two daughters ages 9 and 6, I can definitely say washing their hair has never been easier. I am very pleased. The set works great. I will continue to use this on their hair. The experience was great for them too. Thanks Lisa
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I have been using this trio for my 4 year for almost two years now. It is an excellent alternative to most baby products. They are not gentle enough and they strip away the natural texture. This trio travels with us every where. I use the conditioner on my daughters hair before she goes in the pool. She has not had hair damage or breakage. She swims all year long. Keep up the great work!!
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Boston, MA
My Time Saver!
My 7 year old daughter has thick hair that falls almost to her knees. I have endured many a tearful day when brushing her hair for school as well as the time consumption. I have tried EVERY shampoo, conditioner and detangler out there, for kids and adults alike. Nothing made this job easier, UNTIL, I tried "Magical Beauty". I will never use anything else. I am ordering my second gift set and an additional bottle of conditioner. It is especially wonderful after swimming, since the chlorine can damage hair and create snarls that are impossible.Try this and I assure you, you will be so happy you did!
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Tuscaloosa, AL
Luvs it !!
I'm sooo happy that this collection is back in stock. The shampoo and conditioner works magic on my daughters hair and scalp. Her hair truly shines after using these products without the need to add anything extra to her hair. The scent is great and my daughter just loves the princess and the frog theme. I will continue to buy this product over and over again. Please don't make any changes to the formula! :-)
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Richmond, VA
I love this
I brought the entire Magical Beauty gift set to use for my son who doesn't like hair cuts and is autistic. His hair is very kinky sith tight curls and he has a fit when I try to comb or brush his hair. When I used the conditioner on his hair after a few brushes while the conditioner was in his hair was soooo easy to brush and his hair is left with a nice scent. I have used other products and none of them have left his hair looking fluffy and healthy. I absolutely love the results and I plan on continue to keep using it on his hair!
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Great product
I used this for the first time on my two-year old daughter's hair about 3 weeks ago. She has soft kinky hair and its more beautiful since we used this product! She loves to get her hair washed more and the results show during and after the conditioning process is complete. She grins from ear to ear when the detangling spray actually has that sparkle to it! Her hair is now easy to comb after it dries and her styles last longer. GREAT JOB, LOVE THIS TRIO!
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The search is OVER!!! :)
I have an 18 month old daughter who has really curly thick hair ,and the baby shampoo and conditioners was not doing her hair any justice...AT ALL. After trying different kinds of shampoos nothing seemed to work. After washing her hair and using conditioner and detangler it still was not easy to manage. I got so tired of using the wrong thing because everything was a constant hit and miss. I looked at the other reviews for this product and immediately went to the local department store and purchased the shampoo, conditoner, and the detangler and I am so pleased with the results. I never wrtie reviews but since the others I read helped me so much I thought that this may also help someone else.I could tell a difference as soon as I put the shampoo in her hair. I got on the phone and called all my girlfriends with daughters and recommended these products.So very impressed, the search is over...
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A Pleasant Surprise
I have always been a Carol’s Daughter body product fan, but this awesome set has truly sold me on their hair care line. My 6 year old absolutely LOVES the set. Before these products my baby hated getting her washed and combed, and frankly other products did not work on her thick hair. Between the crying and screaming, I became very discouraged, and didn’t know what to do. Two months ago, my sister and I were in the mall and went into the CD store, and I almost fainted! Shampoo, conditioner, and detangler. Now my daughter brings out her box when it’s time to get her hair done, and her favorite is the detangler. Thank you so much for such wonderful products, can’t wait for the full sizes!
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Tanita Blue
Tappahannock, VA
No More Tears
I purchased this product for my four year old daughter. I absolutely love it. My only regret is that I did not get it sooner. Before when I would shampoo her hair she would cry the entire time. And the comb out process was the worse she would cry herself to sleep. My daughters hair is long, thick and curly. When the order came in and she saw that it was for her she actually wanted her hair washed. I also purchased Jada's hair balm. I love it. My daughter loves getting her hair done now and I love the fact that the leave in conditioner made it a joy to comb out her hair. It smells wonderful and so soft. Thanks Carol's Daughter you have made my life and my daughter's so much better. No more Tears!!!!!
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Allyson Smith
Donaldsonville, LA
Awesome Product
I loved this set so much that I even used it in my hair. It keeps my daughter and my hair so silky and so smooth. I plan on ordering more.
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I LOVE IT!!!!!
My daughter is 5 an I have been using this set on her hair for about 4 weeks now the detangler saved me alot of time it made it fast an much easier to comb my babies hair. And all i have to say is because of Carol's Daughter I can sleep an extra 30 min on school days.
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stockton, CA
Heaven Sent
I just got this yesterday for my daughters hair which is 3c by the way...I used it in her hair and i must say how wonderful it is all her curls just came to life....I let it air dry with nothing in it but the detangler and i must say it is so soft and it has so much shine....She is so happy and so am i...My twin boys younger in age also used it....People were asking what did i put in their hair.....CD
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I saw Carol's daughter products on tv an decided to check out the website and try it for myself. My daughter had very thick tangly hair and I permed it. It began to shed and fall out so I decided to let her go natural and use carol's daughter.The detangler really detangles and straightens her hair. I also tried some of magurites magic, and I'm in love. Her hair is so manageable and after it air dries it looks like she has a perm. Im very thankful!!
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houston, TX
I use it on my grandson!!
A friend recommended Carol's Daughter products when I was seeking advise on how to care for my bi-racial grandson's hair. He is now 18 months old and we've been using it for a couple months. We love it and it has made a world of difference! We only wash his hair once a week (unless he gets something crazy in it). :) It smells great too. He gets compliments ALL THE TIME!!! Not sure if it was designed for boys, but why not?! My daughter is in the AF deployed so we will have him for another 3 months before she returns. These products are definitely going home with him.
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Washington, DC
Fulltime Mommy and Graduate Sudent!
I purchased this product in November 2010 for my 11 month old daughter, she is now 14 months as of this writing. I wanted to give parents out there an honest rating and comment of this product. And to do so was to use the product for a couple of months. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I was unable to rate this product to its fullest potential because its not tear fear. This product is advertised for kids and thus should be tear fear considering children hate getting their hair wash and could be damaging to the eyes. Overall, this is the best product on the market for children! If you love your child with no hesitation purchase this product despite the price because its money well spent. My daughter hair is going through changes of texture and before I had no idea what to do with her hair. I wanted to cut it off because I could not manage it. A magical beauty set allowed me to embrace and love her hair for what it is. I can do her hair everyday without wetting it and without feeling frustrated and irritated. She just started daycare about two weeks ago, so I decided to wash and plate her hair, since time is of the essence. Her hair looked great for two weeks because I also used Carol’s Daughter Kids Hair Styling Set for touching up her edges and plates. My daughter’s hair is very dry and thick but responds to Carol’s Daughter products beautifully. When doing so it never fails she receives so many comment about how her hair smells or how healthy it looks. True story; there was a time when she was sick and I did not bother with her hair for about a week, she still received comments about how good her hair looked and smelt. Sometimes, I have to use Johnson’s natural baby shampoo to wash her quickly when she is not being cooperative but if this product was tear fear, I would never use another product again.
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Aurora, IL
I just purchased this set for my 14 months old that has very sensitive skin. This product really helps manage her super thick, curly hair. It's so nice to have a product that helps me not have to end up giving my daughter a perm at a young age. Love this Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jillian Beam
Brooklyn, NY
I have a 4 year old daughter with very long thick hair. This is a gift and a curse at the same time beciase she hates getting it done. She cries soooo badly that I was reallt thinking about relaxingf her hair just to make her hair manageable. Then I came across CD and thought I would give this hair line a try before I made any drastic decisions and THANK GOD I did. Her hair is so soft and SHE DIDNT CRY!!! THANK YOU
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Providence, RI
My Princess loves her Princess hair care!
My daughter loves to get her hair done like Princess Tiana! And not only does she love it; I love it! The shampoo and conditioner make her hair so soft and smell so good! I don't even really need the detangler after washing! Don't stop making this line! It would be great if you could make a body wash/ bubble bath and body butter for kids too! Can't say enough about Carol's Daughter!
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Thank you so much!!!
My best friend has RAVED about Carol's Daughter products for the past few years. Her daughter is of mixed genes with what i lovingly call "Diana Ross disco hair". She swears by these products for her daughter. I was so excited to see not only a product for our younger Angels but also with my Princess's favorite Princess on the product. My daughter, who is almost 4, has inherited my mass of curls that tend to not respond to much. I have damaged my hair so many times over the years I was determined NOT to put my baby through the same thing (read: Jheri Curls, too tight braids, too many weaves). I love using these products on her. Her hair responds beautifully and she loves when I say it's time for the "Princess Tiana treatment". Thank you so so so much!!! If I could rate this product with 100 stars I would.
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Balimore, MD
So good!
I recently started using this product on my daughter's hair. The shampoo and conditioner are so good I don't need to use the detangler. After washing and shampooing, clearing out with conditioner in the hair, my daughter's hair is manageable and she actually sits still in order for me to braid her hair. I love these products.
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Finally: Products for our babies!!
Finally someone has created products for naturally curly hair types of the African American decent. I can't tell you how many baby shampoos and conditioners I have bought over the counter for my now 20 month old. She has very tight curls that once water gets to it, it draws up so tight that I have to use a detangler spray to pick it out. After I have picked it out, then I must part it and oil her scalp and then braid it so it won't be brittle and dry by the morning. I must say that the shampoo and conditioner softened her hair so much. No more brittle hair!! The hair milk softened her curls so they are not as tight and her hair does not look like it is matted to her head. My only concern is that I did not get anything that I can apply daily that will give luster and shine. I need a cream or something that will help smooth her hair into little pom-pom balls and it not look dry. I think I will try the hair butter next. Maybe that will work. I will let you all know. Thanks CD.
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