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Macadamia Heat Styling Hairspray

Item #: 20495      4.0 fl oz
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Miami, FL
Bring the Heat
Usually blow drying and flat ironing leaves my hair hard, stiff, abs/or brittle. Not to mention the breakage. Since we've been using this all those problems are a thing of the past. Thank you!!
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Best hold for my short, relaxed hair
I have short relaxed hair. I use this product daily. I spray on each section before curling and it holds my style all day long without feeling sticky, hard or leaving behind any residue.
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Took some getting used to...
The 1st couple of time I used this product I didnt like that my hair ended up feeling hard and stiff. I stopped processing my hair last year and started pressing my it. I decided to try this spray again since Im using heat to style my hair everyday now. I use the spray and then straighten my hair with a hot comb. Then I bump it with a flat iron. My hair is straight and has tons of volume and sheen when Im done. I half 75% less breakage as well. Now I wont use heat on my hair without this spray!
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Tanara A Blanchard
Washington, DC
Another Winner
I used it last night and I have to say my hair is bouncy and shiny. I am trying to hold out on getting a touch up for another week for an event. I washed my hair with the Tui shampoo and Tui conditioner, which are great in their own right. I used the Macadamia setting lotion, wrapped my hair and got under a hooded hair dryer for about an hour. Then I unwrapped my hair, parted and spray the heat styling spray in the roots and comb through and flat ironed my hair. My hair looks better than when I go to the salon and get a silky wrap. For the last 5 months I have been using nothing but carol daughter's products and my hair has been growing like crazy. When I go to the salon I take my Carol's daughter products for my stylist to do my hair with. I refuse to go back to the over the counter hair supply items again. Its worth every dime.
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Amber Hayes
oxford, MS
Fried my hair.
I have 3c 4a hair. I never used heat protection before and I tried this it made it bone straight. Smelled nice. Looked great. It was just after two weeks and I washed it 75% of my hair was straight. Still is straight. It's not a bad product. Just probably didn't work for me.
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Pretty Good
I used this product when pressing my natural hair and my weave. It kinda feels slightly sticky when you spray it on but i can deal with it because it DOESNT leave my hair sticky or weighted down. My hair is always still bouncy and flowing after using it. After you put a little water on ya hand it goes right away. Its a GREAT product to have ESPECIALLY if you press your hair as frequently as I do.
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Canton, OH
I also use this product on blow dried hair. It gives my hair body, a bit of hold but nothing like a nasty spritz, and it gives my hair a beautiful sheen. I use daily. This is the product I can't go without, and is my favorite.
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richmond, VA
You will see your iron differently
I always had issues with heat styling sprays. and i thought this products was overpriced. but always one for quality over quantity, i bought and tried it. Wow! I LOVE what it does to my hair. i straighten my hair every weak. i have soft, unrelaxed but color treated hair. i feel like my hair is protected, because it doesnt break away like it normally used to; i feel like it gives my hair a lot of shine, it does not weigh it down at all. and most of all, i love how smooth it makes my hair; my hair just looks beautiful after i put this in. You must understand, a little goes a long, long way!
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Daryn Lander
New York, NY
I was looking for a lite weight hair spray and my girlfriendd recommended this. I loved it! and I bought the rest of the Macadamian line!
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chino, CA
This stuff is AMAZING
i sprayed it all over my blow dried hair before i flat ironed it and it came out so bouncy, shiny, and silky straight. no shedding and smoke like i usually see.
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Taylor Middleton
Atlanta, GA
It Grew on Me!
Honestly, I did not care for this product the first time I used it.. I am the type that loves to run my fingers through my hair and this hairspray made my hair feel super stiff which I did not like at all! I have thick dry relaxed hair that needs to be moisturized daily so I am very conscious about breakage due to heat damage on my hair. I decided to give the product a second chance by using a different styling method and my results turned out amazing! I applied the Macadamia Heat Protection Serum to my towel dried hair and blow dried it straight, then sectioned my hair off, lightly sprayed each section with the Macadamia Heat Styling Spray, combed it through (it dries in seconds), then proceeded with flat ironing. My hair turned out super soft shiny and bouncy, had true "touchable" hold and it had tons of body that lasted all day! PLUS I never felt like I was scorching my hair with the flat iron!!! For those sensitive to the price- a little goes a long way! I only sprayed each section once (about 6 sprays total), so this bottle will last a while!
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Heather Bonds
Indianapolis, IN
Exceeds Your Expectations
I purchased the trio a few months back based on prior reviews and product despcriptions. An avid Carol's Daughter fan, I am always stuck with bath and body products. However, my hair is very thick and is transitioning into natural (I keep it flat-ironed). Recently, I worked out and literally sweat out most of my style. When I got home, I sprayed on the heat styling spray, blow-dryed my hair out, then sprayed on the gloss, wrapped my hair and went to bed. The next morning, my style looked right out of the salon! No need to run a flat iron or curling iron through it. I was so pleased. Thank you for this product -- I think others will be satisfied as well.
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Fort Lauderdale, FL
You can feel the protective seal
Ladies this is lightweight, no flakey residue, and sticky feel. This product doesn not stick to your hands once you apply it to your hair. Once you spray it and brush, comb, and/or rub it in (whatever's your preference) you will feel the protective barrier. I am African American (mixed with a little bit of this & that) with thick-wavy hair; which I occassiaonally perm (just for control) once every 8-10 months. I started using this product in April 2011 and when I do press my hair I have notice that I have less split ends and damage. This product works so well that I used it on my braids (2-strand twist when the ends came loose). Yes, on my braids with loc waxl. Again you can feel the protective seal.
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Essex, VT
Never stop making this! I LOVE IT!!!
I am a long time fan of Carols Daughter and use the Tui line of hair products. I have been waiting for a styling product from Carols Daughter for my blonde, fine, think, color treated hair. I found it! The Macadamia Heat Styling Hairspray gives me the root lift, control and body that I need. I love it! The smell is incredible and makes me feel like I'm on a beach in Hawaii....thanks for the vacation!
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LaShonn Freeman
Bolton, NC
Macadamia Heat Styling Hairspray
Recently I have been searching for a product that would work for my thick hair. I have tried many products, including numerous salon products that simply did not work for my ethnic hair. Because I live in a rural part of North Carolina, it is often difficult to find decent hair products for people of color. A few days ago my husband and I visited a Macy's store in Durham, NC, in which I was inclined to try Carol's Daughter products. After talking with the sales clerk, I decided to try the Black Vanilla Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as the Macadamia Heat Styling Hairspray. My husband was very skeptical because I have a lot of hair and he felt as if the small bottles were simply a waste of money. After washing and conditioning my hair, I was amazed at how tangle free and soft it was! I then used the Macadamia spray on my damp hair and before curling. The spray was a bit sticky, but after it dried, I was pleased with the outcome. Although the purchase was a sacrifice for us, we have a set of twins that are seniors in college and a set of 11 year old triplets, I thought it was well worth it!
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