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Açai Clarifying Skincare Set
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Love it!
I have very sensitive skin, so I was nervous and didn't even use it for about a month after I bought it, I was using Aveeno, which I still really do like and didn't want to change midway through that product. I got curious one day because my sister is a Carol's Daughter FANATIC. Anyway, I used it and WOW. I love how the lotion, which is the last step, makes my skin shine without looking oily/greasy. I used to use cocoa butter on my face after I washed it because I get dry patches in certain areas, but that didn't happen with this product. I will continue to use this as long as the formula and results stay the same. Thanks CD!
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Tina M.
Philadelphia, PA
It's like a facial evey day!
I've only been using this regimen for 2 days and I see an improvement already. My face tends to stay on the dry side. I have been experiencing dryness on my cheeks under the eyes that resulted in an itchy, scratch-like texture on my face. Also, I was in the middle of a break out that was straight outta high school. I got the products two days ago. I've used it four times and I wish I could send pictures so that you all could see the difference. My skin is glowing! It's smooth with no more patches! It really feels like I got a facial at the spa. What I like most is the delightful aromatics. It's very fresh and light and it just lingers all day. Also, the moisturizer acts as a protectant and its gives a nice shine and its not greasy AT ALL. It is light and effective. The cleanser really does clarify which I love since I'm in a busy city with lots of exposure to dust, dirt, smog and other nasty irritants. The price for a quality facial in my city is $60 minimum. While I appreciate all the skills of the aestetician, there is no disputing the value of this regimen at under $60. Look...GET WITH THIS product and follow the directions carefully so your skin can look good and be protected. Also eat your fruits and veggies.
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Alicia Tillery
Federal Way, WA
I have been breaking out in pimples like crazy for years, since my early 30s. I have tried many products and they just didn't seem to work- cleared pimples but dried out my skin. So I tried CD and it has been a week and I can already tell the difference in my skin. Now, all the pimples has cleared, my face feels fresh and moist and it glows!! Oh and the smell is wonderful might I add. Thank you Lisa! Your Faithful Customer~
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OMG My skin is in love!
I have had acne problems since I was i my preteens and now at almost 30 it was not getting any better. This was the first product I tried from CD and let me tell you my skin is in L-O-V-E. I have been using this product for about 3 weeks now and I can not believe the difference. My skin has cleared dramatically. CD knew just what my face needed! I have been telling my friends about this line and a couple have already ordered after seeing the difference in my skin.
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Mona Longenes
lancaster, PA
I'm a die hard Carol's Daughter fan but have only used the hair products in the past. Tried this set and now i'm all about the face sets!! I'm getting for my sister and mom now!
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brooklyn, NY
Awesome results!!!
My face was breaking out terribly with white heads. My niece has this package and allowed me to use it, within 24 hours of using the product, the white heads were gone and the pimples under the skin had gone away! Honestly, I was skeptical about using the skincare line from Carol's Daughter. But, I use the hair products and decided I will purchase my own kit for my skin. I love the lotion it leaves my face so smooth and soft.
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Naushiana Grayson
Fayetteville, NC
it works
I am currently 9 months pregnant and I have been breaking out on my face really bad. I have tried so many facial products. I even tried the amazing Proactiv. But guess what?...it didnt work...at all...you cant trust everything you see on tv...because most of it has chemicals that damage your skin and shouldnt be touching your face to begin with. Alot of people dont realize that organics is the way to go...I went to Macy's one day and the lady I was talking to asked me what i put on my face...8(...she then introduced me to Carol's Daughter Acai skincare system....i was hesitant at first cuz i had tried everything else, but i got home that night and i used it right away...just using the cleanser made me see the difference in my face....it amazed me like crazy...and it really helps with my oily skin too...and its organic (wink wink)....Proactiv can suck a lemon....i got what i need >8)
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