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  • Video: Lisa Price Introduces Hair Milks New Refresher Spray


    Carol’s Daughter Founder Lisa Price is the ultimate curly girl! She curls by the Hair Milk Simple. Perfect. Curls. Collection because she doesn’t have time for a bunch of products, complex rules and regimens to get her best curl! Now she brings you its latest edition—the new Hair Milk Refresher Spray! It’s what keeps her curls looking simply perfect all the time for days and days. She simply refreshes, instead of having to re-wash or restart her curls. She loves this extremely moisturizing spray because she knows that moisture is the secret behind amazing curls!

    She uses this lightweight Refresher Spray if she needs to quickly refresh her curls in the morning, after working out at the gym or after taking a 15-minute nap. Lisa knows what’s best for all curls—now you too can just spray to extend your perfect curly style!

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