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FEATURES Jul 7 2013 6:51PM

5 Ways To Stay Active & Fit Without A Gym Membership

by Fran of HeyFranHey.com

Gym memberships are amazing to have but also super expensive. Reality is, not very many of us can afford those crazy monthly fees! And the gyms with discounted prices are usually pretty ”discounted looking”.  The more I’ve made staying active a way of life, the more I’ve come to realize the gym is not the only way to be consistent.  I actually have way more fun outside of the gym! Here are 5 ways I’ve kept it together without breaking the bank!

Running Outdoors

Nike has tons of free and amazing running apps, for smart phones, that help you gps/track and chart your outdoor runs. You can even race online against your facebook friends or anyone else on the app! I actually prefer running outdoors because of the natural hills and dips, which are way more effective than the inclines on a treadmill. It’s my go-to way to maintain my weight and a lower body fat percentage. And the outside scenery is way more entertaining than staring at a wall or digital screen! The perfect way to release some stress and ease your mind. Start with a brisk walk and slowly build up to one mile, if running intimidates you. Before you know it, the miles will just keep stacking up and you’ll be signing up for marathons in no time!

At-Home Workouts

You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to get a great workout! I completed the P90x 3-month system last year and was in the best shape of my life! Insanity is another 3-month home system that will help you tighten up in no time!
Don’t have the $150 to shell out for these systems? No worries! YouTube is an incredible resource for living-room fitness! Looking for some Yoga? Check out Tara Stiles https://www.youtube.com/user/TaraStilesYoga Interested in Pilates? Casey will help you get started https://www.youtube.com/user/blogilates Ready for some high intensity workouts to really tone you up? MarC is always up for the challenge! https://www.youtube.com/user/HangTightwMarC And definitely bookmark http://www.bodyrock.tv as your personal fitness library for all things A through Z!


You can google public pools in your local area and get great total body workouts for free by swimming a few laps a day! Swimming is actually my favorite because it’s low impact, great for those of you with knee or joint problems, but still extremely effective for challenging your heart, building muscle mass and burning fat! Not into public pools? Google private pools in your area, as well! I found an awesome one only 10 blocks away from my house for $75 a year! Amazing deal!


Similar to running, biking is an amazing way to keep your heart active while also releasing stress hormones. Nothing cooler than waking up early on a Sunday morning and biking through your city parks! Don’t feel pressured to invest tons of money on a super expensive bike, either. I remember spending a small fortune on a bike while my best friend purchased one for $100 from Target. Long story short, she’s been riding with me every summer and our bikes are hanging in there just the same!

Deal-Of-The-Day Sites

Are you signed up to Groupon or Living Social? They have the most awesome discounted prices for group fitness classes, outdoor activities like kayaking and surfing and even super low deals on monthly gym memberships! Different deals come to your email every morning so it’s an awesome way to stay active without getting bored and most importantly, without breaking the bank! Another great site to bookmark, that is totally free of charge, is Meetup.com! You can find groups of people forming organized sports, running crews, outdoor fitness classes and healthy eating cooking clubs in your local area! Too shy to hang with total strangers? Invite your friends and family, too! The groups are usually extremely welcoming and large enough to accommodate them all!


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