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FEATURES Jun 25 2014 8:39AM

4 Steps To Care For Your Hair This Summer

By Shirea L. Carroll

Learning how to properly care for your hair in the summer months is crucial as scorching temperatures and sky-high humidity levels can often cause havoc on our tresses.
Step 1
Before pulling out any product or tool, the very first thing to remember when caring for your hair when it’s warm is–to start within. Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water every day not only keeps you hydrated, but helps the hair stay hydrated and moisturized. Hair that is constantly moisturized will not be prone to breakage and shedding, so drink up.
Step 2
Although heat and sun make us look forward to summer, these elements are terrible for our hair. Which is why it’s crucial to make sure your hair is thoroughly cleaned, as sweat can clog up hair follicles and lead to breakage, foul smelling hair, and unruly frizz. After a fun day in the sun or an intense run around the track, be sure to cleanse hair with a moisturizing and clarifying cleansing shampoo to remove impurities, and bring moisture back to the hair.
Step 3
Following a thorough cleansing process, a conditioner infused with moisturizing properties like the lubricant behenrtrimonium chloride and penetrating oils like avocado, coconut, olive or argan oil, should be applied for maximum moisture. Using a deep-conditioning treatment (Try Sacred Tiare Anti-Breakage & Anti-Frizz Restoring Hair Mask; Target stores) where hair is placed under a hooded dryer is also recommended to make sure strands are penetrated to receive an extra boost of hydration and moisture.
Step 4
Summer is the best time to pull out a protective style, due to the fact that hairstyles that use heat-styling tools combined with natural high heat and humidity levels outside, can increase both frizz and dullness of hair. Rocking cute braids, twists, buns and weaves will give your hair a break from frequent styling, to ensure less breakage. If braids and weaves aren’t your thing, opt for fashion-forward hair accessories like scarves and hats to protect the hair from UV rays emitted by the sun that can potentially lead to the darkening of hair and stripping hair of shine and moisture.
Now that you've got the steps, do what’s needed for your tresses this summer so you don’t have to take all fall and winter fixing your mistakes.


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