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Your Morning Routine: How To Repair Daily Damage

A girl’s morning routine is precious; it sets the tone for your day. From taking care of your this and thats to taking care of your hair. This naturally wavy beauty maven chooses Carol’s Daughter’s Almond Milk (Daily Damage Repair) collection to nourish her long, thick hair. It is a line designed to protect and prevent damage from life’s everyday hair stressors.

Beauty vlogger Miss Liv is a curly haired princess who has a beauty to-do list that’s fit for a queen. She pampers herself every day because she knows that she’s worth it.

Watch her tips and tricks and glam everyday fashion style to get inspired to start your day off right…

  • Your Morning Routine: How To Repair Daily Damage

  • How to Transition with Heat-Free Curls

  • How to Defined Flexirod Curls

  • Everyone's Raving About Black Vanilla

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